When walking through NW Portland, you can see many interesting things.  Today I noticed this:


It’s actually pretty darned cool – made of weird metal pieces – and wasn’t scared of me at all.  Unlike most birds.


It was another sunny day here in Portland – cold but sunny – and since yesterday we hit the east side, today we ventured toward Forest Park.


It’s still kind of wet and cold here, but we haven’t been here in a long time.  And walking up hills works my fine butt muscles and keeps me warm enough.


Ah, the stone house.  It’s nice and mossy today, just the way I like it.


Ok, just because mama sometimes forgets where we are and where we need to go, doesn’t mean that I do.  I remember the way, follow me mama…


Time to head up the hill, into the sun, at a full Dale clip.  Notice my ears flopping in the aire…


You never know who you’ll meet on the trails.  That’s part of the fun of hiking.  Always lots of doggies too.


Hiking can take a lot out of a dog.  Rather than hopping up onto this water fountain like I usually do, I just went for the dog-hole…


Perhaps a bit lazy, but it works.


Could it be… are we heading toward… OHMYDOG, on a sunny Sunday there is a spot for us outside at Kettleman’s!  I haven’t had a fine toasty pumpernickel bagel in ages, and I am a dog who enjoys his bagels…


And of course a fine drinkie to wash it all down…


On the way home, we ran into some Airedale People!  Notice the fine airedmiration…


They were awfully cool, and anyone who has an Airedale is an automatic friend of mine!  Thanks ladies!!!




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5 thoughts on “Sunday in the Park with Mama”

  1. Great Walkies…and we wish we had good bagels in Mayemphis. We have to make do with Panera, which is not too bad, but not “real” according to Muzzer. We should move to Portland!


  2. Nice walkie! And dare I say (with huge pride, of course 😳 ) that you look a little bit like me in that picture with the glass of water. Only I don’t get to drink from the glass …. hmmmm … wonder why is that????


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