Dun-da-dun, Dun-da-dun-da-dun-dun… what is that behind me?  It’s THE SHADOW and it is following me everywhere today.


I suppose it could be because of all of the sunshine we’re having today, but there could of course be far more nefarious reasons for things to be following me.




Oh how you twitch your tiny nose in my general direction.  How your tail darts to and fro as you fly from branch to branch, just out of my reach.


That’s okay… I CAN WAIT


You see?  Your presence does not bother me, I barely even notice that you are on that branch just above me and slightly to the right.


I will even chuckle at your adorable antics, and marvel at your skills in stick-sitting.


And of course if you are feeling as though you might like to frolic a bit down here on terra firma, I can always be counted upon to be up and ready for a good ol’ frolic.  Especially with you my squirrel-y friend.  A FROLIC – yeah, that’s what it would be.  Just a lovely, little frolic.  No thoughts of your imminent destruction or your tasty innards, just a frolic.




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3 thoughts on “Squirrel Patrol”

  1. Holy smokes! That’s looks like a Godzilla size squirrel that could take Portland down! I would worry less about shadows and more about your furry neighbors!
    Glad to see you out enjoying the great day!
    Wet noses and Airedale hugs,
    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. How come your squirrels are red, Bogie? Is that your own special breed designed for Airedale’ use? Mine are grey over here, phew … Yours look yummier :mrgreen: You show them, tiger!!!

    Bel The SquirrelDale

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