Kafka is particularly excited about today beginning the Year of the Tiger… you can just FEEL the excitement…


It is the Year of the Tiger Cat – Belly


Tiger Cats are the tubbiest sign on the zodiac, methodical in their purrsuit of food (especially from other cats’ plates), intelligent deep inside that they choose to hide with a somewhat goofy demeanor.  They sleep more than any other astrological sign because they are deep thinkers and imaginative players.  They rarely jump and miss, for their internal upward-motion calculator is top-notch.  Catnip can be a problem if they overindulge.  They can be possessive of items they deem to be their own (if someone else is sitting on or playing with it).  But more of a lover than a fighter.


I too am celebrating the Year of the Tiger – Cat with my favorite tiger striped blanket.  If I’m not sleeping on mama, I’m sleeping on this.


Happy New Year everyone!



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3 thoughts on “Year of the Tiger… Cat”

  1. Happy Yeaw of the Tigew Bogie and Gang and BogieMama!!!!
    Bogie , you aways know the best place to be..and youw Tigew Kafka looks vewy enthoosed (hehehehe) about this special yeaw. Sounds to me like Kafka is a vewy special , wondewful kittie..
    Happy NewYeaw to all of you
    smoochie kisses

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