Argh.  Camera troubles.

Bogart and I spent the day walking in the rain.  Hours and hours and hours.  We are soaked and exhausted.  And yet… no photos.  The camera would not cooperate every time I tried to capture a Bogart “golden moment”.

So I got in touch with my inner Fonz – gave it a whack and voila – working camera.  Of course I am home now, and exhausted.  Back to our regularly-scheduled-Bogart-photos tomorrow!


Lulu & Bogart

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3 thoughts on “Getting in Touch with My Inner FONZ”

  1. Dear Mama and Bogie. Don’t worry ’bout the camera. Muzzer has been shakin’ ours since Thanksgiving…we think someone might have cooked it with the turkey! Not funny, but we are not techno-oriented, and muzzer refuses to read the manual.


  2. I can confidently recommend a hammer as a fine adjustment tool … Coupled with a torrent of appropriate cussings, works EVERY time for my mamsie. I swear (@$#$%^%$&%&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    Can’t wait for your new picturz.

    Bel (did you try to pee on it? Just wondering … Sometimes helps … you know)

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