Which of course stands for Mighty Indignant Airedale.


Mama has been lazy about posting for the last couple of days.  And yes I will admit that nothing terrifically exciting has been happening, and that it is getting darker earlier therefore making evening Dale photoshoots less lovely, but come on mama!


I twitter when you’re not around, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen Kafka online shopping.  You might want to check your bank statement a little extra carefully this month mama.  After all, he is here all day to accept packages while you’re gone.  And look out for Willie – yes he looks all sweet and cuddly, but all that fur beats the heart of a safe-cracker, I tell ya.

Just sayin’.



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4 thoughts on “MIA”

  1. Hi Bogart. You are a cute woofie! my doggies would like you. Your kitties are adorable too.
    If you can visit my site on Thursday for our Hound Dog Thursday.

  2. Hei, Bogie, isn’t it a great clue from Mama Nature to slow down and take it nice and easy, enjoying the lazy days of Indian Summer … Make sure you keep up with all the butt sniffing and snoozing, and that your mama does the same … Well, apart from butt sniffing, maybe … errrrrrr … And your sneaky kitties do look pretty innocent, although I wouldn’t trust them my own Swiss account of chicken and vault packed down with beef and bones. Your kitties do look posh, though … Ahh, my paps always tells me not to trust women and kitties, but what can a Dale do? I have a big heart …


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