Thanks to all who have inquired about the state of my bowels.  You will be happy to know that my poop has returned to a healthy shape, size, color, and yes, smell.  Mama would say that she is the happiest about it, but lets face it, I am the happiest about it.  And it’s all thanks to mama’s new-found cooking skills.  Well, her new-found boiling skills.  For the last few days each night after my walkie I get two heaping bowls of chicken and veggie soup.


And then first thing the next morning I pee like a racehorse.  It’s a lotta liquid in that soup!


Here in Portland there are a lot of food carts.  Sometimes mobile but sometimes free-standing, they are in most areas of the city and offer quick, affordable, and generally quite yummy food.  I’ve seen this cart before (the ladybug on top has caught my eye) but we’ve never stopped until today.  It’s called Lickety Split and they serve both pork and vegan meatballs!


I lined up, thinking I was going to get a meatball.  Mama quashed that idea because apparently most of the time when someone gives me food I either ignore them or drop it on the floor in semi-disgust.  The gal serving was so nice and the food smelled GOOD.


I’m still willing to try sometime tho, mama.


Behold – my chicken soup.


Carrots, beans, and boiled chicken.  With a few scoops of the yummo chicken broth.  I know that mama is proud – like I said earlier, she had to actually make phone calls to learn how to boil chicken – and being a vegetarian it makes it even tougher for her to cook for me.  But mama, your soup is DELISH…


Second helping please!



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8 thoughts on “Gastrointestinal Happiness”

  1. Bogie
    youw MOM is the best !!!
    That is twoo love to leawn to cook just fow you and especially stuff that she doesn’t eat.

    Bogie you awe a special boy and nothing is too good fow you..I agwee wif youw Momma.

    That soop looks DELISH!!!! sluwp!
    (that ladybug cawt looked like it would have vewy yummo things too..mayvbe you can twy the vegebawian meetballs sometime if youw mom has them

    So glad youw poopy pwoblem is solved
    smoochie kisses

  2. Yippeeeee!!! Happy poopies, Bogie!!!!!!!!

    Re: that soup … OhMyDogness. I have never seen my mams drooling like that in front of computer, quite pizzling … hmmmmmm. Maaaaaaaam, can you make me someth … like what Bogie is having? Drool, drool, slurp …

    (gastronomically totally stressed out) Bel

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Chicken Soup! Even better, Mama’s chicken soup, which looks yummy!

    Ya know, we kinda like it when mom is sick, because she makes her own Gramma’s version of Chicken soup (sans chicken). We like it because she shares, and we think it is yummy, though our dad thinks it is bland.

    Both Sissies cook it when they get sick too. We can send the recipe, but it is not vegan. Gots eggies in it.


  4. We are sooooo glad you poopie problemos are a thing of the past! The soup looks very yummy! Our mom says even SHE would eat it if you just put a little garlic powder and some salt in it! WE would eat it without the garlic and salt!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  5. Lucky dog, lucky dog, got his lucky sweatshirt!!!!!
    You mama is awesome to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But of course!

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