It’s been a tough day.


My poop just hasn’t been “right” today.  Well, since last night.  Around 11 PM.  And then 2:20 AM.  And then 4:30 AM.  And then 6:45 AM.


Mama and I have spent our day either sleeping or walking around pooping (well, I’ve done more of the pooping, she’s done more of the sleeping).


I have energy only for the basic things…


Pine cone chasing, mainly.


In order to address the pooping issue, mama went above and beyond her limited culinary experience.  If dad was here, making me something special wouldn’t have been an issue.  But mama?  She actually had to make phone calls to ask how to boil me up some chicken and rice.  Yep, phone calls.  With long, drawn-out explanations.  Of very, very simple procedures.  But you know what?  She made some kick-ass chicken and rice and I ate two whole bowls.  She cut it up into the tiny bites that I prefer, and even put some of the chicken stock that she made on top of the rice to make it juicy.

And this is the woman who actually burned two frozen pizzas this week.  Occasionally… SHE LEARNS.




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6 thoughts on “Poop Problemo”

  1. Oh, Bogie, my honeypot buddy! I am so sorry to hear about your poopies. I am getting over some of the doggie stomach flu myself, rice and yummy chicken included. Ain’t your mama swee ? Dished out such a feast for you. Presentation is excellent! But we know better that all that poopie drama is just one more clever trick to make your mama to take better care of her own nutritional needs – just share some of your rice with her, will ya? I hope you like yogurt, man. That thing is awesome and might help your poopies situation.

    Seriously, though, please get well soon, dear Bogart, and show already those stinkers who is the BOSS in here, yes?


  2. Bogart…your mama loves you. She will do things for you that she won’t do for herself. Be sure to thank her when you are feeling better.


  3. Bogie, I hope your poopie turns less squirty soon! I’m glad you’re training your mommy to cater to all your culinary needs! 🙂 I tried training my momster, but her meal for me was even grosser than the kibble: I puked it up 10 minutes after eating it! 😡

  4. Hi Bogie! We sure hope the rices and chickens are working for you! They work for US every time. Mom thinks we, sometimes, eat stuffs out in the yard that make us have the poopies! She has no idea what it could be and we aren’t telling!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

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