Today was a sad day to be a cell phone.  Mama’s cell phone, that is.  She was trying valiantly to clean our apartment and in a flurry of activity, she took out a big bag of garbage to our rubbish chute.  Just a short walk from our apartment.  A quick trip.  Not going to be away for long.  So she left me alone…


But then I heard a slow, hard, clang.  And then again.  And then again.  Apparently that clang was the sound of mama’s cell phone banging against the inside of the rubbish chute as it slowly descended into it’s watery grave in the dumpster downstairs.  She had somehow had it in her hand and released it just as she pushed the garbage bag into the chute.

Apparently the search for the phone was an unpleasant as you can imagine it to be.  But she found it – wet and stinky – in a pile of trash.

Mama was – ahem – unhappy about this turn of events.  Now we would have to go out to get a new phone.  A quick trip to the phone store and another 2-year commitment later, and she has her new phone.  She wanted to learn how to use this new technological marvel, I wanted to go for a walkie.  Guess who won?


Don’t worry mama – things are going to get better!



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5 thoughts on “Rubbish”

  1. Hold on, Bogie! Hold on tight, mama Lulu! Things ARE going to get better. I know it. Promise. Airedale’s word. 😀

    A big hug to both of you.


  2. OOOH…we bet you heard some goood HBO words. Hope your Mom is better than muzzer at mastering technologies. We are still fighting with the “new” phone she got a year ago. (It talks to her!)


  3. Bogie, my momster just got a new phone too! Hers stopped charging and the battery kept dying every three seconds. Talk about HBO words!!! And yes, another 2 year commitment for her too… The phone is coming tomorrow, and I will remember your advice to make her take me on a walkie instead of playing with the techie toy!

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