Ah… Portland.  How I have missed peeing on your lovely streets…


Running along your dirty water…


And dodging your semi-insane bike riders.


Mama and I had a CRAZY night tonight during the evening walkie… we were both attacked by a pit bull in downtown!  This doggie was on a leash belonging to one of the local vagabonds (as mama kindly calls them) yet even as it began to attack us both his human was talking on a cell phone and somehow didn’t notice.  I have no idea how she couldn’t tell – there was lots of snarling, barking and biting and mama was yelling at her – but she was just absent-mindedly talking on the phone with her back to us.  It took almost a minute of fighting before some of her friends started yelling and pulled the pit bull off of us.

I am proud to say that I defended mama the entire time – even though she got hurt when she got pushed into a pole by the other dog.  I wasn’t going to let anyone bite her and that dog was pissing me off.


After it was all over I walked mama home.  I could tell that she was still a little scared, so I didn’t dilly-dally and made sure that we got home fast.


Like mama always says, it’s not the dogs that are the problem it’s the people – but the dogs have the teeth.  The situation could have been MUCH worse.  Luckily I am fine and she’s just bruised up a bit – and that I take my Man Of The House duties seriously.



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6 thoughts on “Fearless Protector”

  1. OhMyDog, OMD, OMD, Bogie! True, you are The Man, The Protector. Sending some backup jaw and mighty Dale growl power your way, and some of the bestest AireHealingZen to your sweet and strong mama! Still, stay away from those … … … you know whos …
    Always with great Luv,
    Bel and his ma and pa

  2. Bogie, are you feeling better today, buddy? I know that those afterfight shocks and stresses may linger for a day or two. Take it easy and get plenty of rest. Remember to give your mama a stinky-sweet Dale-ish kiss of encouragement. 😀

  3. Hey Bogart Titan and I miss you while you were away. I am very happy that your mom had a chance to have a vacation.
    Happy you are home!
    Denise and Titan

  4. w0w Bogie, good thing u wuz there to protect ur mama..dat mean ole doggy and even meaner owner..hope u mama gave her what for..

    b safe,

  5. oh bogie your mom is furry lucky to have you – how brave and strong you are, pleased you are both ok! and it is nice to have you back telling all your tales!

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