Laurelhurst Park on a sunny Sunday.


I saw this lovely rose and had to point it out to mama.  She’s awfully darned good to me, we are an amazing team, and I really love her.  So mama, this rose is for you!


Time for some exploring.  Those pine cones aren’t going to find their own way into my waiting mouth…


First locate the tasty crunchy morsel.  Then open wide…


While I was busy collecting some fine pine cones, mama was taking pictures of a gigantic fly that landed on her leg.  Yes it looks large in this photo, but it was HUGE!  I noticed her studying it and did the only thing I could think of in that situation – I ATE IT.  Mmm… protein.


But the pine cones are my main concern.  After running after them, choosing and refusing them, a boy gets tired.


Time to sit and ponder the complexities of life.


Mostly things like how much I love park walkies and the many myriad forms of pine cones.  You know, IMPORTANT STUFF.




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13 thoughts on “La Vie en Rose”

  1. Hi Bogart and Mam
    I check your blog evryday. I enjoy it 😛
    My name is Ralph(Air) in Tokyo and Black pupy Lab is Kanna. She is my daughter’s dog in Hawaii. I’m sorry my blog is all in Japanese, but you can see it. 😉

  2. Cheers to your ponderings on the account of the complexities, Professor Bogie!

    And keep keeping your mama safe from ginormous flies … :mrgreen: Boy, do we Dales know about the value of the quality protein … he … he he …


  3. Dawling Bogie
    You and youw Mama awe the best team evew!!!
    She loves you and pwotects you and has fun wif you and you do the same fow hew
    That wose is a fitting twiboote to hew, and hew pictoowes of you in youw pondewing mode wif youw paws cwossed awe divine
    smoochie kisses to a pawfect paiw

  4. Awww Bogie, you are one romantic Aireboy. What a beautiful rose to show to your mum.
    Glad you are enjoying your park walkies, and finding lots of them pine cones.
    Our mum says you sure are as handsome as ever.

    Ellie and Baz

  5. Great job eating the fly, Bogie! We aire-snap them all the time, but rarely ever catch one so we can eat it. That is a gorgeous rose you gave to your mama, Bogie!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  6. Hi Bogart,

    My name is Benson. My new human said I should say hello to you because you are very cool. I hope we can be friends.
    I was scared to leave a comment because I am just a puppy, I dont quiet understand all the rules yet, but he said if I just tell you his name is Greg, that you would understand, and be my friend.

    Your blog is really cool, and your very tall! It would be great fun to play bitey face with you:)

    Luv Benson


  7. mama had to come and look at the rose again, and I had to see you splashing away in the cool stream.
    Both were too sweet not to come and visit again.
    But then we always visit….

  8. Just a random reader who got interested in your story. Noticed you haven’t updated in a while. Hope everything is going well…

  9. Bogie, you and your Mom make a great team. What a lovely walk you had together. The rose was a nice touch and you did a good thing eating up the fly!

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