Today it was *only* in the 90s.  Basically, winter is here – compared to earlier this week.  It’s still too darn hot for my taste (and mama is not exactly a sun-goddess) so when I’m due a nice, long walkie and it’s scorchingly hot where to go?

Well, first things first.  It’s Saturday morning.  That means BAGELS.


Mama and I head to Kettleman’s Bagels in the NW.  As long as we get here early enough, we always get a table.  Which is important because I must sit for my bagel!


See that sweet bit of pumpernickel goodness?  Chomp Chomp Chomp


I see it as energy for a long walkie, mama just likes pumpernickel bagels.  So we’re both happy.


I suggested that we take our long walkie of the day in the morning, to take advantage of the milder temperature.  Mama agreed.  And so for a long walkie, you cannot beat some time in Forest Park.


Come on mama, the sooner we get inside the sooner you get out of that sun!


Just follow the fuzzy butt.  I know where I’m going.


The coolness of the shade trees, and walking next to a running stream make this a very, very nice walkie.  Sure I have to be careful of the rocks on the trails and other dogs that make me grumpy, but that’s a fair trade.


And look – salad bar!


I was convinced that this was the stick I’ve been looking for all of my life.  The entire thing, not just a piece.  I am very devoted to stick collection – in fact I consider myself a connoisseur of stickage – and thought that this was the big kahuna.  Until I realized that I couldn’t move it, much less pick it up in my mighty jaw and carry it home.  Oh well, it will be there and I can try next time…


Then it was time for a cool, refreshing dip in the stream.  I’ve never attempted this before, even when it was hotter.  Mama was surprised as I headed toward the water, but I was determined.


Dad, you’d be PROUD of me – I know that you tried to teach me to swim and it hasn’t been my favorite thing in the whole world – this time was different.  I went in by myself and walked around, getting the paws soaked.  And it felt good!

A little more salad for the walkie home…


Time to rest now… 4 hours of walking so I have to rest the toes so I can be ready for my next walkie tonight!  Gotta keep mama in shape and all…



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5 thoughts on “Beat the Heat”

  1. Bogie, you are so fluffy 😆 and cute 😆 and look very happy 😆

    Love your waterworks.


  2. Dear Bogart,

    Thank you (and your mama) for sharing another wonderful adventure with us. We’re glad that you got to dip your toesies in the cool water.


    Miss Kitty and her Two-Legged One

  3. Bogie and Lulu, missing you, hope you are just Taking a Break from your busy energetic blogging.
    Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you!

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