So mama had today off from work – what to do?  It’s about 8 zillion degrees outside again, but it just didn’t seem right to sit in the apartment all day.  And getting into the boiling-hot-black Bogcedes (and go where?) didn’t work either.  Time to do a Tour de Portland!


First lets hit the Burnside Bridge, and head on over to the East Side.  Don’t dally mama, the concrete does get hot you know…


Then it’s off to the Eastbank Esplanade.  At this point we still did not have a clear vision on exactly how far we would be walking or where we would be going.



Walking by the river is nice because you get a cooling breeze ruffling through the fuzz.


And lets not forget the all-you-can-eat salad bar!


I could be happy just walking along both sides of the river with a little break to run into the dirty water.  But mama thought that since we had nothing else that we had to do today, we might as well just keep walking.


So it’s off to the Hawthorne District in SE Portland.


Mama told me that people used to use these things to make phone calls.  I wanted to touch it, she dissuaded me from doing that.  Alas, during the day the Potato Champion cart (just across the street, in the back of this photo) is not open during the day so no fried potato goodness for us today.


Or is there… walking down Hawthorne and passing the Potato Champion got mama and I hungry.  We couldn’t really stop for a big meal, but we had fries on the brain.  Lets head up to the Hawthorne Fish House (one of dad’s favorite places) for some fries and iced tea, shall we?


Mmm… fries.


I’m feeling satisfied (I got more than half of that order of fries).  Where to next?


Laurelhurst Park!


Here I am eagerly scouting for a nice, shady tree for us to sit under.  It is important that it’s just right.  But just a short rest, I get a little cranky if I have to sit for too long.


Back on the trail…


Ooo… ducks.  My favorite food these days is made of duck.  Shall I just eliminate the middleman and pick up a few myself mama?




Mama’s favorite flower is the tiger lily.  These aren’t exactly right, but they’re close…


I offered to pick some for her with my mighty scissor bite, but she declined.  I chomped on some while she wasn’t looking anyway.


I was inspired to burst out into song for mama – she acted like she wanted me to stop, but I know that she was loving it.  See dad – I’m bringing her flowers and singing funny songs.  Making her laugh.  I know you’d be proud.


Guess what this is?  The Velveteria – a museum of velvet paintings.  You humans are so funny.  It was closed today, or we would have tried to go inside.


It looks like the current show would be very interesting…


Ok, so now we’ve done the entirety of East Burnside, and I’m exhausted.  This has been quite the tour and I’m sure it won’t be our last.  Just maybe lets do the next one on a slightly cooler day, shall we?

Lets head for home…




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7 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday”

  1. Such a beautiful walk, Bogie. Yes, we can see it was verrrry hot, ouch! And you should definitely check out that Velveteria. Where do you find all this stuff??? 😆 Almost-tiger-lilies are nutritious, by the way. Especially accompanied by your heart-touching vocal solo. You are extremely cute. Love your tongue. Stay cool and safe. Keep us informed.

    Panting hard in this heat, too,

  2. What an adventure fry-daddy! I would love to see the Velveteria, and your song was sweet to mama!
    Stay Cool Dude!

  3. Looks like you and your mama had a really great walk. And you even got FRIES! We’re glad you’re taking such good care of your mama! Your dad would be very proud!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. Bogie, Bogie Bogie, can’t you see
    sometimes your bark just hypnotize me
    And we just love your Airedale ways,
    As you share your walks with us every day!

    Gia and Taz

  5. Bogey,

    Your nose was looking particularly juicy in this set of photos. It’s so nice that you and your Mama can enjoy such lovely walks together.


    Miss Kitty

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