On the weekends, mama and I enjoy exploring different neighborhoods.  When we’re not doing errands, of course (that translates to she runs in and out of a lot of stores and I guard the car – not terribly exciting).  Sometimes just going down one extra street makes a “normal” walk different.

When we’re walking down NW 23rd, I can never resist going into All For Paws.  The people there are super nice and always try to find a treat that I will like.  As always, everyone fails, but I do appreciate the effort.  For some reason the photos mama took of me exploring inside came out dark and wobbly…

So lets explore parts of NW Portland that we haven’t been to before… we had planned to head up toward Forest Park but for some reason we can never find the entrance.  So lets just look around the neighborhood and the pretty houses and local flora…

Come on silly biped, KEEP UP!

Yep it’s in the 80s again today, awfully pretty but H-O-T.

We really enjoy walking around – no agenda, nowhere to be, just walking until we get tired.  And this part of Portland is really lovely.

Notice my “floppers” (dad always called my ears my floppers because of the way they flop when I walk – I guess that’s what the humans see as they’re pretty much always behind me…).  Did I mention that it is hot today?  After doing the slow walk, the wasting-time-by-sniffing-something-uninteresting shuffle, and of course the stand-still-and-do-not-move-no-matter-what move, I reminded mama that a boy has to keep hydrated on such a day as this.  That’s when we both saw it – and the burst of energy resulted in my ears flying in the wind.

How civilized!  It’s just like my Drinkwell fountain at home.

Delicious.  Cold.  Refreshing.  CIVILIZED.

Sure mama, it’s your turn now…



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3 thoughts on “The Streets of NW”

  1. WOW, Bogie! You can drink like that?! LIKE THAT ❓ ❗ ❓ ❗ What a talent, you smart devil! How sweet of people of Portland to have those fountains installed, and just how intolerably sweet of you to let your mama to drink a bit after you, too? Pictures are beautiful, nice neighborhood. Stay cool, Bogie!

    Hugs and wags,

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