Mama got INSPIRED.  Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad.  I was overdue for some aire-scaping..

While we all know how much the ladies enjoy a man with a bushy moustache, mine was crawling down my neck.  Maybe a *bit* too much.  And since it is also generally wet and juicy, it needed some pruning.

You can actually see my eyes now!

Mama took off about a head-sized ball of tan fuzz to get this look.  Me likey.

I can sit here in my favorite spot on the sidewalk by Couch Park, surrounded by pine cones, and watch the girlies go by and admire my striking new ‘stache.

That’s right ladies, check out my flavor saver!

This truly is the best place in town to reliably find excellent pine cones.

Which as you can imagine, makes me VERY HAPPY…

I am feeling frisky and fabulous with my new ‘do.  Thanks mama!



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7 thoughts on “Shave and a Hairecut”

  1. Bogie, My Goodness!!! How cool (both literally and proverbially … he he he …)! However, you still have A LOT of that luxuriously posh fuzzy vegetation on you – just how do you manage to grow all this bounty? Me is sooooo envious – me is trying to grow a gorgeous Dale coat, but so far can only be proud of me tail. 😳

    You are the cutedest, the handsomedest, the deviledest Bogie out there! My mams is swept off her feet by your charms ……………….. 😆

    Luv, Bel

  2. Hei, Bogie, forgot to mention that your nose is like a HUGE LEATHER BUTTON. Moist and shiny. Poster child of all noses out there.

    He he he,

  3. Bogart,

    Just when I thought that you couldn’t get any more handsome, you handsome devil you!


    Miss Kitty

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