Mama keeps noticing those ladybugs… even when I don’t see them at all.

I have to admit that this one is pretty darned unique.  More orange-y than most, and look at all of those spots!

Yes mama, I SEE IT…

Dad, if you are trying to communicate with mama via these ladybugs I’ve got to tell you that it’s working.  Yes, I think it is a very odd choice for my badass Austrian dad to be using ladybugs to talk to mama, his crazy other half.  I would have thought that if you were going to stick with the insect world you would be something like a tarantula, or a big juicy waterbug.  You know, something BADASS.  But I truly cannot deny that – if this is indeed you – you have definitely touched mama’s heart and you really do know her best.

So keep it up… will ya?  I’m tired of seeing her sad every day.  And even my cuteness has limits…



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4 thoughts on “Bug-ging Out”

  1. Bogart, that is indeed a unique ladybug. It looks almost golden! They are about the only bugs muzzer will tolerate…she will even let them crawl down her finger or her legs, so even I know they are very special bugs.

    However, we think your cuteness has no bounds, so keep up your end of the good work.


  2. Bogie, we are sure your cuteness has NO limits! 😀 We think it’s really cool that your dad is communicating to your mama through the ladybugs! Our mom’ mom communicates to her through male Cardinals. They were her favorite bird and sometimes one sits on our deck rail and just stares at our mom. We have no idea what the message is, but that’s okay!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. Bogart, we think this is very significant. We do believe, too, that your Dad is trying to tell you that he loves you and your mama, and that he is always with you. Sweet lady bugs … Keep your faith, dear Boggie, and remember – you are the guardian and the strongman for your mama on this Earth now. Fierce stick fighter and pine cone collector, we think you’d be the bestest lady bugs protector, too, Bogie! 😛

    Hugs and tail wags,
    Bel and mams Nata

  4. I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but it seems like whenever I’m struggling with something, or need guidance, or am sad… stuff like that…. I see a sage-y light green passat like the kind my dad had before he died in 2004. He LOVED his Passat (he pronounced it pass-sat instead of puh-sot to be funny) and I feel like that’s him watching over me. I think that stuff is true. Even if it’s just coincidence, if it gives us comfort… it is meaningful and important. Keep the ladybugs comin’, Klaus!

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