My pal Robin (one of what dad used to call “the mobsties”) is sick… he has a tumor and may need surgery – he needs some serious Airezen or any-kind-of-Zen-you-can-do!

Mama spilled the beans to me that I am going to get to visit my favorite Dales in LA this summer, and hey, I really wanna see my pal Robin.  Robin is a very, very special boy to his mama Mareike, so I’m asking for your lovin’ to come toward Los Angeles from all of the world!



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7 thoughts on “Airezen for Robin!”

  1. You got it, Bogart! Robin, we’ll be thinking of you and sending you our loving healing thoughts all the time. Get well, sweet Mobstie! Zen, Zen, Zen, Zen, Zen, Zen, Zen …

    Bel and mams Nata

  2. Much Yorkie and Shih Zen to your friends. BTW that is an award winning picture! What a fabulous crew!

  3. NoPo Dales on board! Sending warm fuzzies and prayers southbound,
    Woody & Calllie Mae

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