While you’re waiting for your daily dose of Dale dog-gone goodness, I thought I’d tell you about something I make mama do each morning. Every day an email pops up in her mailbox (because she would forget her head if it wasn’t attached) reminding her to click and support The Animal Rescue Site. There is no catch – you just click and their sponsors pay for food and care for animals. You can shop there too and find unique dog and cat items whenever you need a gift for a fellow pet lover.

We are not affiliated with these folks – we are just ardent click-ers for the last few years – and thought it was time to spread the word. Especially since there are still no new Airedale photos because the memory card is on a plane somewhere, waiting to be united with mama’s camera in an unholy union meant to spread the overwhelming cuteness that is my fuzzy butt throughout the world.

So check out The Animal Rescue Site
Or become a fan on Facebook

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programme.


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3 thoughts on “The Animal Rescue Site”

  1. We hear ye, Bogart. In our household … er…r…r…r… Airehold, we’ll be clicking daily from now on. We know how important it is for all those poor kitties and doggers. Everydoggy and everykitty needs love, care, and help. And best of all, HOME! And by the way, it was Thanks to you, and your mama, and Dad, that my mams found Airedale rescue site, and through that site – me, Bel! You helped me with a chance for a wonderful life, Bogart, dear buddy.

    Grateful Bel

  2. We click, too! After all, lots of us kitties have been rescued, too! And, Bogart, we love your pictures and can’t wait for more.

  3. You are SO right, Bogie! We make our mom click there every morning. Shhh, when she used to work, she would also go to work and click again. Heeheehee!

    We hope your memory card gets there soon…we’re having Bogie withdrawal!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

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