Gay Pride weekend!  Woo-hoo!  Good times, lots of music, crazy costumes, and a parade just outside of my house!!!

Yes I know, that’s not nearly as exciting as it would be if there were some great photo there.  Today at Pride mama managed to break – completely – the memory card on her camera.  In public.  Time slowed down, and you could hear everyone around doing that super-slow-motion n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o as the card fell to the concrete, breaking into pieces.

The one lucky thing?  Oddly, mama had emptied it just this morning onto her external Bogart hard drive (yes, she has one hard drive devoted completely to me – what, you’re surprised?) so no photos were lost.  But now she has to go out and get another memory card, so I imagine that the next few days may be photo-less.

Oops – I’ve got to get off of the computer now so she can get back to her bidding wars on ebay.  Come on mama!  Buy me a memory card!



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5 thoughts on “Pride”

  1. that must have been some fall! Once we waited for a few feet of snow to melt before looking for a fallen card, it was ok though!
    yes we are surprised you have your own harddrive! I am barely allowed to touch the computer!
    Winnie Woo

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