Another day, another gigantic stick.  The better to clear a path through the downtown throng with.

First pretend disinterest.  Look around.  Take in the local color.  This fools the mama-figure into thinking that I do not want the stick.

Then when she isn’t looking – POUNCE.  And run at top speed in the opposite direction (this part is very important).

Occasionally put down said stick, again pretending that your interest in it is over.  Sniff trees.  Pee on lamp posts.

And when mama stops and starts looking in another direction, pick up stick again and make a run for it.  Hilarity ensues!

But back to serious issues, Saturday is almost always chore day.  Today that meant a stint at the local Hawthorne Fred Meyer.  I am not a big fan of guarding the car, but I’ll do it – FOR MAMA.  I heard her coming back with the groceries (I guard the car from the passenger seat) and heard her say “you won’t believe this, but I have an Airedale in the car”…

Meet Piper.  She’s a pretty Airegirl!

She came over to say hi.

Look at those pretty brown eyes, those cute ears, and that ladylike stump!

Kisses and pleasantries were exchanged.  I had just had a few tripe and lung treats, so I had breath that all of the ladies love.

Yes, she thought I was yummy indeed.  I too enjoyed our little tete-a-tete.

I understand that this looks romantic, but lets face it.  As I couldn’t get my head out much further than this, this was going to be a very innocent first date.  Not even a butt sniff.  She was a very good girl, walking around with her family, whereas I would have been all over the place, trying to hold her down and get in a good – ahem – sniff.  I do indeed hope we meet again sometime when I am NOT guarding the car.



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6 thoughts on “Hellooo Ladies”

  1. Oh, Bogart, your Piper-girl is adorable and yammy-looking. How come you always find yourself such pretty Airegirls? It must be the tripe magnetism at works… :mrgreen: er…r…r…r… and your personality, of course! Hei, I wish I could give her all those smooches and exchange pleasantries …

    Bel (reserved and envious)

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