Is like a day without sunshine.  But since we’re in rainy Portland…

Today, no poop bags were sacrificed in the name of keeping the streets of Portland clean.  Walking was brisk, less time spent sniffing around for the “right spot”.

There is of course a very good reason for this – yesterday, Bogart produced a record number of poops – 5! – breaking, nay, shattering his previous record of 3.  So there should be no surprise that “production” had ground to a halt after such a “productive” day yesterday.

It is still very strange.  “Just” walking.  No carrying a baggie for many blocks, or having to decide whether to go back to the trash can a few blocks previous or taking a chance on a can coming up soon.  No inopportune timing, or what is commonly known as crapping directly in front of people eating al fresco.

Tomorrow that will ALL change.

Lulu & Bogart

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4 thoughts on “A Day Without Poop”

  1. Hei, Bogart, I’ve skipped my morning poopage today, too. 😯 In solidarity with our Airedale cause, so to say. Even the most proper Dales do need a lil vacation from poop once in a while, right? Besides, by tomorrow Portland’s al-fresco audience will be ready and clamoring for Bogart’s performance … he he he. :mrgreen: Keep up, buddy! Bogie always delivers!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆


  2. Bogie,

    We fink it’s a bit much that you’re expected to ration your poops – ‘cos when you gottta go, you gotta go! We fink you should endeavour to break the World records for the number of poops you can manage in a day! (Sod the pavements and the al fresco diners!)

    Milo and Alfie xx

    PS: Mom said saying “sod” was norty – so we’re in trubble now. Tee hee!

  3. I got soooo impressed by that magic number 5 that I forgot to say:

    WHOA, Bogie! You Da Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. 5 ! Not sure we could that many between us! But we manage to go in the places where it is most embrassing for Mummy. By people enjoying coffee outside is one of our favorites.

    Simba and Jazzi xxx

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