No reason to be inside on such a pretty day, but I’m not a fan of direct sunshine either.  What’s a boy to do (and how can he convince his mama that this is in her best interest as well)?  Of course – bark until she heads toward our local volcano, Mt. Tabor.

Walking around is great – oddly there weren’t a lot of people there today, especially for a warm Sunday – but resting is equally fantastic.

And of course, easy access to my favorite toy/food source, pine cones.

Look ma, no pine cones on my tongue!

Ok, mama, I’m ready to roll!  Lets head to the top of the volcano!

Oh wait, did I give you the impression that I wanted to run up all of those stairs?  Um, no.  I’d much rather stroll up the soft grassy area with attached salad bar.

Oh, all right.  I’ll walk with you.

Come on mama – you wanted me to walk with you, didn’t you?  Keep up!

Ah, more fantastic shade – finally – on the 3rd set of stairs.  Yep, mama was getting pretty warm and a little tired by this point.  Watching my muscle butt in front of her I think inspired her, tho.

I can feel her getting closer…



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4 thoughts on “Top of the Volcano”

  1. Oh Bogie..we think your mama lets you win. You know she is the smartest, prettiest strongest lady you know. So she is smart enough to let you think you are the leader. 🙂

    gussie d

  2. What a great therapy dog you are Bogart! Take care of Mama, you are doing such a fantastic job.

  3. Hei Bogie, this is exactly what I do – I just shlllleeeep myself in the middle of the road for a little rest if I feel like having one, or if I am plain bored with the walk, or if I want to pull a trick on my mams, and that’s it! He he he …

    Nice GREEN nature you’ve got over there, buddy! Here, I have to deal with all the dry foxtails, and I am not much allowed to stick my nose in the ground because of the rattlesnakes. Dog, I should learn some new hobbies like sticks and pine-cones … Do you take grateful students in, professor Bogart??? 😆


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