Yes, it’s another hot day in the City of Roses.  High eighties.  Hot days are best spent in the park if you ask me.  And mama ALWAYS asks me.

She thinks she can outrun me – I always have to remind her about my 4-wheel drive as opposed to her puny 2-wheel drive.  And I wear a fur coat while I’m passing her!

Sometimes the foul woman taunts me.  Yes I have just left her in the dust, but there is no need to get testy.  She had a tasty stick while I was sitting in the relative safety of the shade.  I wanted that stick.




Once I have accomplished my goal of getting that fine stick, there is nothing like throwing my head back and letting out a mischevious laugh.  And then dropping the stick and leaving it behind as I am SURE there will be others.

What is all this?

Oooohhh… there is going to be a parade tonight.  Lots of crazy floats in the streets near our house.

Pretty crazy – Pretty cool

After the walkie we went home to have dinner.  Mama actually made potato leek soup and cucumber salad!  And from what I hear, they were actually tasty.  I was satisfied with my green tripe, thank you very much.

Suddenly there was NOISE.  The sounds of marching bands – notice that I said bands and not band.  Where did they come from?

We went outside and ran smack into the staging area for all of the bands in the Starlight parade – all practicing at once!

I must say that the cacophany of sound coming from all of those bands was a bit freaky to my sensitive ears.  I especially disliked the drums and the tubas.

However the baton twirlers were FASCINATING.



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4 thoughts on “Everybody Loves a Parade”

  1. I hate parades! And noises! And clowns! And leash laws! I have the whole list of things to protest about. I am an Airedale if you know what I mean. Bogie is Number One on my list of things that I LOVE in this life. … Ok, I lied. 😳 Bogie is Number Two. (Number One is being FOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!)


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