Ah, signs.  Today was a day of interesting things catching my eye.  Sometimes funny ones…

Sometimes more poignant ones.

I too dream of a new dog harness.  As much as I enjoy my green “adventure harness” it’s not completely ideal.  Mama likes it because she can grab it and pull me off of my feet if I get into a scramble with another dog.  Sometimes for me tho it moves around too much for my liking.  I’m thinking something spiffier mama, perhaps a little more trim to show off my athletic physique, maybe think about that for my birthday.

Other signs point toward HEAT.  85 degrees here today in the Pearl.  Take me home to my Drinkwell fountain!



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5 thoughts on “I Saw the Sign”

  1. Yeah, Bogart, Ourselves agree: you did grow out of that green harness of yours. With a stunning physique like yours you do need something really special and showy. Keep the good job!


  2. Jazzi is dreaming of a new collar, she shouldn’t have such a fat neck. Shhh, Don’t tell her I said that. Simba x

    Have a great weekend.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  3. Hello, Bogart! I’ve been looking over your blog and you have been quite the busy guy lately! Did that yellow truck have to come to your house? ~Twix

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