Last night I got a bath.  I’m feeling fresh and frisky now that I’ve lost some of my funk.  It’s sunny and warm outside with no chance of rain… Gotta go!  A lovely morning walkie by the river, then it’s time to have a volcano walkie.

Lulu here.  This is not Bogart’s paw, it’s mine.  When we arrived at Mt. Tabor, Bogart stopped to chomp on some grass and I looked down and saw this ladybug.  It was sort of following me.  So I reached down and offered it my finger, to which it decided to explore.

Why did a ladybug catch my eye?  The day after Klaus passed away, there was a ladybug at my door.  I studied it for awhile (I was particularly slow-moving at that point) and watched it walk close to me, walk around my hand, then fly away.  I have had several more encounters with friendly ladybugs since then.  While I would never say that Klaus was in any way related to the ladybugs (he would HATE that) it does kind of warm my heart a little when I see one and think of him.

This ladybug, however, had me in tears.  It found Klaus’ wedding ring (which I wear on my middle finger, just below his big silver one) and stayed there.  For a long time.

And then flew away.

Bogart here – yes, mama was all teary-eyed watching a ladybug, I was busy taking care of business.

Such a pretty day on the volcano, not too many people, not too hot.

Salad everywhere!  Making me hungry…

Mama was thinking gardenburger, I was thinking fries.

I can wait.  I know she won’t eat every one of those delicious fries without allowing a few to either drop or be placed directly into my waiting mouth.


Oh yeah… Awesome fries and I have to assume that the gardenburger was tasty (I just cannot bring myself to care).

Mama had something profound to say about this photo that she felt compelled to take… but she forgot.

Enjoy the long weekend if you have one!



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10 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior”

  1. Bogie, this is for your mama:

    Lulu, that lady bug … is a wonderful little gift of Love from Klaus. I believe this. And the mist on one of the photos – did you notice? Could it be your beloved Klaus’ spirit making himself seen to you and Bogart? Could it be him saying that he is always, always with you? There is so much Love surrounding the two of you! Please always know that.

    Big hearty hug to you both,
    Andy’s and Bel’s mama

  2. Hei, Bogie, I forgot to mention that I got a bath, too. A few days ago. I am still shrugging thinking about this barbaric, medieval torture practice that humans subject us, noble dogs, to.

    Hold on there, man. We’ll get stinky again soon!

    Peace, Food and No-Bath,

  3. We think the Ladybug must have been sent by Klaus! Sometimes a beautiful red Cardinal shows up on our deck rail and stares at our mom through the window. She thinks it is from her mom!…and she doesn’t care who thinks she’s stoopid!

    Mmmmmm…french fries! I’m afraid we’d have to pass on the gardenburger too, since we are meatatarians!

    Have a great Memorial Day!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. There is some sort of enchanment surrounding the Lady Bug, but I cannot recall the exact story at this time.

  5. It looks like you had a great time, and what a nice story about the ladybug! But… :oops:…I might’ve eaten it along with the fries.

  6. Bogart, perhaps your mama did see a lot of different faces in the shadows of the last picture? Maybe that was the profound thing she wanted to say about it?

    Luv to both,
    Bel and his mama

  7. Hey Bogart,
    Yummy, I Butchy love to chomp on the long grass here all of the time. Makes Mama mad at me though, cause then I keep gagging & coughing, heheheh. You sure have nice places for walkies. We need a bath really bad, we get so dirty playing out here. Maybe if we get dirty enough our white will turn rust & then we’ll be airedales, hehehehe. Have a great week!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

  8. The ladybug must be sent by Klaus to check on you and Bogie!! When mom lost Lucas, she was ‘visited’ by a lot of little moths.. even until now, we still find one in the house once in a while (and we have to watch and ensure that Hershey doesn’t try to eat it..)

  9. we are busy catching up with everyone and dropping by to say hello.

    Simba and Jazzi xxx

  10. About Ladybugs:

    Ladybug – is the popular name of the colorful red-spotted beetle of the family Coccinellidae of the order Coleoptera. It is the subject of many folklore superstitions.

    In British and European folklore, the ladybird was captured by a young woman and bidden to fly “north, south, or east, or west” in the direction in which her lover lived. Whichever way the insect flew, there dwelled her husband.

    Some people consider seeing them or having them land on one’s body to be a sign of good luck to come.

    We hope yours brings you good luck.

    Milo and Alfie xx

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