Twas a lovely day here in Portland.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and mama’s neck hurt so she couldn’t pull me away from all of the fascinating smells along the Park Blocks.

Awesome.  No need to stick to the established pathway, it’s far more interesting to walk amongst the grass.  Mama generally prefers not to walk this way – something about stepping in errant poop? – but I love it.  And I never, ever step in poop, unlike the, ahem, “superior” bipeds.

Yes the photography isn’t up to snuff, but this was really interesting.  It was in the window of one of the little art galleries in our neighborhood.  It is a wooden record player (mama had to fill me in on what that means, since I have never seen such a thing and well, she’s old).

I thought perhaps I would go inside to check it out personally, you know, get an up close look at it.  Alas, twas not to be.  I even knocked and everything.

Lets head for the river and enjoy this sunshine!

I was completely unsure about this at first.  Was this a dog?  A pony?  Something else?

Believe it or not, this dog weighs 198 pounds.  He is HUGE – tall, broad, and with gigantic paws.  You cannot help but bow down to his sheer size.  He was super sweet too and his butt smelled nice.  Time to head home for some chow, I feel like a pipsqueak next to this guy.



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7 thoughts on “Walking the Park Blocks”

  1. Hi Bogart,
    My humans have stepped in/ on poop numerous times and guess what, they are all my poop!! Seriously!! I have lost count at the number of times I have laughed my head (and tail) off at these ‘accidents’…
    Wow.. was that ‘pony’ out talking a stroll too?

  2. That wooden record player is really cool, Bogie! Our mom remembers record players! We’re pretty sure she’s waaaaay older than your mama! We’re really glad that Great Dane was friendly! He could have eaten you for lunch!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. 1.) That is not a dog; it is a horse.
    2.) My Old Girl doesn’t like to walk in the grass either; she calls it a minefield. I don’t know why.
    3.) I always love your pictures!

  4. Hei, Bogart, guess what? Other doggies can’t stay away from my delicious butt, too. 😯 What is it about us, AireBoys ❓ Dog, we must be sooooooo special. Green tripe, maybe :mrgreen: ………… (Note to your mama: check out Trippet brand, boy does that stink, your Solid Gold brand pales and fades away in comparison. They also have lamb green tripe, yes. ‘Scuse me, need to take a break to go and salivate a bit …)

    … Back from my drooling session: where were we? Ahhh, yes:

    Humans just don’t get it: stepping into, or feasting on, or rolling in … POO … is the best part of being young, eh? Enjoy it while it lasts, for when you are an all grown-up serious Dale (as if there is such a thing .. he he …), it’s not that much fun anymore.


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