Our first festival alone.  It’s bittersweet – last year when we all arrived in Portland, the Alberta Art Hop was the first festival we went to here.  And now it’s our first, just mama and me.  I am intent on showing her a GOOD time…

The Alberta Art Hop brings out the crazy – and the fun.  Maybe hard to see in this photo, but dad would have LOVED this car…

Just like last year, it was HOT outside.  So hot that the asphalt on certain parts of Alberta was too hot for my tootsies.  I spent a lot of time maneuvering mama onto the sidewalk away from the hot-ness.

Verrrrry Portland.  A big green bus that serves thai food.  One frost thai iced tea would be perfect to take the edge off… I mean, tea for mama, ice cubes for me.

Now this is AWESOME.  Finally the world is starting to understand that AIRE is always the proper spelling, no matter what the word:

Uh, really?  Maybe other mamas, but not my mama…

There were a lot of people out this time, and lots of dogs.  All of the bipeds were doing that slow-walk-slow-look-around thing which makes me nuts.  I try to nose my way through the crowd to make way for mama.

Ah… Airedmiration.

I just can’t help it – my butt smells GOOD.

I think I saw these last year too – for some reason the horse ones always make me bark.

Mobile espresso?  Another place that dad would have loved.

Mama got a little emotional – she tried to blame it on the heat, but I could tell that something wasn’t right.  She needed something from the Man of the House.

Yep, I pulled her down so that I could plant a big ‘ol smooch on her.  Had my paws on her shoulders and everything so she had to submit.

Don’t worry mama – it’s important for us to go places, and do things that dad would have loved.  He’d be pissed if we didn’t.

You know I’m right…

Hehehe.  The tongue of doom always works.

As fun as this all is, and as much as we wanted to wait for the parade, it was just too darn hot.  So we walked through one more time – nothing we had to have, so it was time to head back to the Bogcedes.

Ok, maybe this:

Or this (mama always wanted to get an Ural with a sidecar – she has a vision of me riding shotgun with goggles and a scarf… go figure):

That’s all folks!



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12 thoughts on “Hopping at the Art Hop”

  1. Bogie
    Those pictoowes of you giving youw Mom the love fwom youw gowgeous aiweself awe m favowites! I would love to have one of those scootews wif a side caw…
    I can cewtainly pictoowe you wif the goggles and scawf.
    We would be at the espwesso place too.
    I hhpe you didn’t get toasted footies
    smoochie kisses

  2. Bogart: It’s good to give your mama a reassuring kiss. As for the Ural with the sidecar — straight out of a Marx Brothers movie! (and yes, we can picture you, grinning, fur a-blowin’, with goggles)

    Glad you’re getting out and running interference in the crowd for your mama.

    Grief is consuming… can make you feel wobbly, unsure, in a fog. A good walk on a beautiful day… reaffirming.

    The “you know I’m right” photo must be the cutest, sweetest dog / owner shot ever! Made my mama cry.

    The Kirbster (and Cheryl)

  3. Bogie, you and your mama are doing the right thing, especially so because your Dad would INSIST that you’d go, and enjoy all that funky stuff … Just remember, you are your mama’s guardian now, that means that you both have to stay cool and safe in all this sunshine and heat. Watch out for those precious darling tootsies of yours, we dogs know how they feel on frying hot pavement … Brrrrr … Ouchhhh!!! Good thing you insist that your mama wear a hat. Safety – first! My favorite picture of the two of you is where your mama is giving you a kiss, and you are giving your mama SUCH A SPECIAL AIRELOOK that only Bogie can give to his mama. 😳

    Keep giving those, Bogart. You Da Man!

    BelAire (did I spell that right? 😆 )

  4. Bogart,

    You are a very wise and beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love with your mama (and us).


    Miss Kitty

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