I’ve got the SPRING FEVER – today is a lovely day and there is something special in the air everywhere because all of the humans are talking about the warm, sunny weekend that they’re expecting.

And when I’m feeling the fever, I cannot control myself.  On a regular day, a mouthful of stick would do.

But today – I need A TREE.

Yes it’s a downed tree, but it’s MINE!!!

At first I had hoped that mama would have broken it into smaller, more convenient pieces for me.  Apparently she’s just not strong enough (even with some help from my mighty Dale jaws).  So I’ll have to try this myself.

I am trying to find the weakest point of this tree – and exploit it.

Sometimes pulling off the smaller branches helps.

Sometimes not.

Even using my big right paw isn’t doing it.  This is one tough tree!

If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  I’ll just be taking this with me as-is.  At least for a few blocks.

And then since I can’t get mama to carry home my tree for me, it’s back to the manageable, apartment-friendly sized stick.



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5 thoughts on “Great Expectations”

  1. Enjoy the great weekend Bogart! My sister Grete dog is jealous of the tree, but will console herself by playing with her ball this weekend.

  2. Bogie: Too much tree would seem to offer limitless happiness. But happiness, like all things, cannot be measured by size. Sticks bring their own brand of happy, and fewer complications.

    wise old gussie says so.

  3. Bogart, your stick-work is superb, Bogie-The-Destroyer … he he he …


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