Sauntering down Hawthorne… it’s sunny, it’s warm, and I’m taking in all of the Airedmiration.

Now this is the best thing I’ve seen in awhile… no messing around with tiny, dirty bowls here.  A full pail of fresh, cool, yummy water. Well done!!!



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10 thoughts on “Pail of Happiness”

  1. My Dogness, Bogie! That’s a real manly bucket worthy of one mighty proper Airedale. 😛

    Drinking with you (virtually),

  2. Looks like a good drink to me pal!!
    I am growing so much and so fast. My humans are just crazy about me when I am not driving crazy!
    Please give your mom a hug and a kiss, for being such a good owner.

  3. You are quite the Social Butterfly of Portland, Bogart.
    We Love It.
    Gai and Taz, Cat and Kitty

  4. That bucket could make a fine bobby’s hat, eh Bogart? Glad Portland is treating you and your Mama well.

    Miss Kitty

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