Not these guys:


When even the swine are wearing masks, you know that the humans are taking it seriously.  Don’t worry buddy, you won’t catch it from me!

If anyone tries to give me swine flu, I will beat them with this stick.

I shall clear a path all the way down NW 23rd – no one shall get close enough to give us swine flu!

Protect and Serve

No one shall get past me – not bacteria, viruses, nor other bugs – with this fine, flu-fighting moss-covered stick.

And how do you tell the world about your new flu-fighting powers?  Direct message, of course…



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13 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of Swine Flu?”

  1. Bogie, your message is loud and clear, The Mighty Bearer Of The Mossy Stick.

    Stay healthy and keep your mama that way!


  2. Bogart, with you on patrol, we have no fear! The sculpture piggies remind me of “The Pigs’ Wedding” by Helme Heine.

    (Amazon link:

    Heine did wonderful children’s books.

    Anyway. My mom loved your adorable furry face in your “stick” pose and thinks you should grace the cover of a dog food brand!

    If you’re Joe Friday, I can be your trusty sidekick.

    Kirby a.k.a. The Kirbster
    Prowling (and marking) suburban Chicago to make the streets safe

    (and Cheryl)

  3. Hi Bogart,
    We love the pic of you holding the stick in your mouth! The look on your face is priceless!! With that huge stick, I am sure the flu bugs will stay faaaaaaaaaar away from you…

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