Ah yes… look who I’ve found!  A GIRL AIREDALE!!!

I think she’s the first girl Dale I’ve seen in Portland… all of the other Dales have been boys.  Hubba Hubba!

Ah.  She’s pretty.

My attention was caught by this gentleman riding by… look who he has on his lap!  A KITTY!!!  You know how much I love the felines, so I went in for a big sniff.  Lets just say that Kitty wasn’t as into me as I was into him.  No offense taken, he just doesn’t know me well enough to appreciate a full body licking like my kitties at home do.

We thought we might stop at the supermarket again, but tonight instead of a vicious dog outside mama just got lazy (she said she was tired, but lets face it, she is lazy about cooking).  Some Chinese food perhaps?

No worries mama, I’m here to help you decide.  Even though I’m pretty darned sure you are not going to order anything here that I will like.  I’m just not into that tofu stuff.

But the smell – even from outside – is intoxicating…

Making… me… HUNGRY…



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One thought on “Going Out for Chinese”

  1. OhMiDog, OhMiDog, OhMiDog, Bogart – a girlie Dale! 😳 And she is totally stunned by you (I can see it in her eyes). You have a superb taste, buddy, she is pretty little thing. … On the culinary front, though: are you barking and drooling Chinese now? Looks very Yammy.


    PS. Poor kitty doesn’t know what he missed ………….. 😯

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