After a very un-sunny start, this evening was actually rather nice.  Even though mama still has a sore throat, I had to insist that the evening walkie was substantial.

We thought about stopping at the supermarket – but then discovered that there were some guys outside selling newspapers and they had several dogs with them, who just didn’t look friendly.  So rather than leaving me outside with them, we walked on.  But we still need to eat.  If we can’t get a frozen pizza, then the real thing will have to do.  Lets make an escape – to Escape to New York Pizza on 23rd, shall we?

Mmm… mozzarella.  Goodness.

And how about getting back to that substantial walkie?  We walked all the way down to the river.  They seem to be setting up tents for a Cinqo de Mayo festival (note to self – come back next week for some bueno chow).

A long walkie makes me feel all introspective.  Some dogs see the glass as half empty, some dogs see it as half full.  I prefer to see the world as a half full ferris wheel:

Yes, half full.  Ferris wheel. That’ll work.

Lets head home… I didn’t get much of that tasty pizza and I think it’s time to bust open a can.

Out of my way people!  There is green tripe in my immediate future…



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7 thoughts on “Pizz-aaaaaah”

  1. Any walkie that includes pizza is really great, in our books! We would have had to walk on by that grocery store too! If those other doggies weren’t Airedales, we would have to tangle with them. Hey, we can’t help it if we’re “breedists”!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches 😆

  2. I love shots 2 and 3. Mama is quite the Bogieographer! She catches all your moods and whimsies!!!! Thank you for this blog, you make us smile every day!

  3. Hei, Bogie, that half-full ferris wheel of yours looks like a giant half-pizzaaaaaahhh. 😉 Here is an idea: how about green tripe pizza, heh? You could even offer to share it with mama to show her how much you love her. You think she’d be delighted … or … errrrr … think maybe it’s not such a good idea alfet all? Anyway, you look cutest cute as always and big smooch to you and your mama who took you out for such a walkie.


  4. Bogie
    I think taking youw Mom out into the fwesh aiw is good fow hew too, specially wif a pizza stop along the way.
    You awe looking especiall handsoe in those photos. I hope the twipe was as good as expected.
    How was youw week wif Mom wowking?
    Awe you OK wif it?
    I think of you all the time’wif love and smoochie kisses

  5. You are super handsome!
    TY for visiting me!
    I’ll visit you again and don’t eat too much cheesey pizzas!

    Love Autumn

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