Ah, the Bogcedes.  My home away from home.  I have always commandeered the back seat as my command module, but today I suddenly decided that I wanted to be in the co-pilot seat (where I always sat in the Bogie Beetle).

So rather than waiting until the car was stopped I just walked forward to claim my spot.  Mama needs me as her navigator, after all, since we don’t have GPS or anything…

More luxurious and comfy than the front seat of the Bogie Beetle, I must say.  Generally this would be where dad would be sitting (or mama, if dad was driving).  I feel kinda comfy here.

Yes… this will do nicely.

What mama?  You say that you’re kind of hungry?  Well guess what, so am I.  Where are we?  Northeast Portland, eh.  It’s a little dreary outside right now, so lets find somewhere that we can both sit outside and that is kind of covered.  I’m in.

Rather than driving around for hours and in circles, lets just go to Panera Bread.  They have a nice outdoor patio where I am welcome and that is covered just in case it rains.

I’m feeling VERY protective of mama these days.  If I’m not in her lap then I’m putting myself between her and pretty much anyone who comes close.  Since I’m Man of the House now, I have to make sure that I take good care of her – dad would want me to.

See dad?  I give her extra-big kisses for both of us.

I’ve got this Man of the House thing in the bag.  We’re both still in shock about everything that has happened, but I want to make sure that dad knows – I’M TAKING GOOD CARE OF MAMA FOR YOU.

Of course all of this love doesn’t come without conditions.  I’ll take some of that tasty panini and a few ice cubes, please.

Mmm… tomato.

Lets finish up here, I’m ready for some adventure mama!

In reading through my recent comments, I was asked about the Green Tripe food that I’ve been eating.  Voila – here is a photo of me posing with a can (ok, I’m eating but hey, that’s posing isn’t it?).  The company that makes it is called Solid Gold, and we get ours at either the local pet store or Petco.  Mama says that it’s awesome because I always eat every single bit of it – I concur – but there is one caveat… IT STINKS.  It is truly a unique kind of stink, if you’ve never smelled tripe well you’re in for something very, very special.  But it’s good for me, creates excellent poop, and I like it.  SOLD!



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13 thoughts on “Cruisin’… on a Sunday afternoon”

  1. we love you guys!! and bogie you have earned that front seat, you are a great soul and friend to your mama… its great to see both of your smiles!

  2. Dear Bogie, Thank you for sharing that secret wolfie-dream of every proper dog out there – The Goodness of Green Tripe. No wonder you have such a luxurious lush coat, excellent physique and are perfectly capable of protecting your mama and particularly, dispersing those very special smooches of yours to her!!!!!! It is also so good to see your mama smiling!

    We love you guys,
    Big hug,
    Andy’s mama and papa, and (!!!) new to us, but not to this generous wonderful world, Mister BelAire, the proper AireGentleman of respectable age 😆 😆 😆

  3. Oh Bogart – you are so great! I love they way you take care of your mom! I know you miss your dad, as does your Lulu. I have been thinking of you folks for quite a while!

    Question though…how can I get my mom to give me some of the “good” stuff??? And you always go on so many interesting walkies! I guess I need to tell my mom to move near you!

    Barks at you!

    Luna and Sole’ (along with the GR – Sandra)

  4. You’re doing a great job as co-pilot Bogart. You successfully navigated to get some good grub. And it nice to see that smile on your mom’s face 🙂

    Shelly & Tommy

  5. We are glad to see you and your mom are doing well and going out together. Keep taking care of each other …

    ‘Kaika and his mom

  6. Hi Bogart,
    We are sure your daddy is looking down from heaven with his chest puffed up with pride looking at how well you are taking care of your mom.
    You are now officially your mom’s Guardian Angel.. 🙂

  7. Oh Bogart, you are doing a dandy job taking care of your mom. That really makes us kitties proud, you are doing a fantastic job. Continue to make special memories with your mom.

  8. Bogart,

    You are such a handsome devil!! Big smooches to you for being properly protective of your mum.


    Miss Kitty

  9. Mom says find some fresh tripe it smells better. Well it still smells like cow poop but that canned stuff made her want to puke where the fresh only makes her wrinkle her nose

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