Stuck in the car, lots of traffic, and what is that I hear?


Damn, but that really hurts the ears.  I’ve got to get the right tone in my head so that I can sing the pain away…

Uh oh.


Much to the amusement of the guy in the truck next to us, I sang along with the slow-moving ambulance for almost a minute.  Doesn’t sound like a lot of time until you’re next to me…

I’ve gotta sing until that sound is gone…



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10 thoughts on “Atten-tion!”

  1. Oh Bogie
    I wish i could heaw you sing!
    You awe so clevew to do that..I hate those sounds and we have lots of those in NYC. Could you teach me youw song?
    smoochie kisses

  2. Yes, yes, we heard you over here, too, Bogie. Quite a hearty singer you are. :mrgreen: Think all those houndie ancestors were kicking in with their singing talents?????? He he he …..

  3. LOL Bogart! Wish I was there. The only thing that makes me howl is when Mum gets out the old school recorder (just for me, you understand).

  4. Dear Bogart, would you please ask your such a wonderful mama to post a special report about the pleasures of that green tripe favorite of yours. I mean, we know everything about farts first hands, now all we need is to find out where your mama buys or orders it from, and how exactly (how much and how often) does she feed it to you. Because we are green with envy!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    We want green tripe! We want green tripe! We want green tripe!!!

    Thanks in advance,
    Andy The Airedale Guardian of all the malnourished, nutritionally deprived and kibble-fed Doggies out there …..

  5. oh you should be in my band bogie ive been practising my snging too you can see my form on my blog
    loves and lick doyle – oh and i have to mentione we loved the sculpture you found the other day – b wants heaps of those in her garden…

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