Oh, the agony of choice.

I’d like a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger please – hold the nasty ketchup.

I will wait patiently – sort of – until the Jack in the Box worker notices my adorable face sticking out of the window.  Then I shall unleash the mighty bark so they understand exactly HOW HUNGRY I am.

Ah, the masterful junior bacon cheeseburger.  Yum.  While in the Bogcedes, I do a modified version of my patented burger-eating-technique.  Yes the burger still falls from the sky and the wrapper opens as a napkin, but I have a habit of inhaling the burger more so than carefully picking which end to eat first.

I SAID NO KETCHUP AND THERE IS KETCHUP ON THIS CHEESEBURGER!!! Oh well… it’s not like mama is going to eat it or anything…

On the way home we spotted some artwork.  Since I am also a work of art, it seemed natural that I would pose in front of it while mama snapped a photo.

Ok, that’s enough… this is interrupting my walkie time!

I spotted this, ahem, sculpture from a block away.  It is just outside of PNCA the art school so I assume it’s someone’s project.  But still I must investigate.

Uh, it smells funny.

I know – let me DIG into it – I’m sure the artist won’t mind…



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6 thoughts on “Aire-t”

  1. Bogie, with such an adorable face like yours they should make you The Face of Jack in The Box, yeah! And (!) graduate you from the Junior Bacon Cheesburger to double-triple super Everything Burger. And (!) The Patron of The Arts. And (!) The Guardian of City of Portland. And (!) The Mister Charisma. Bogart, have you ever considered running for a PresiDale-nt???? 😯 We would vote Yes Yes Yes 😆

    But seriously, you are seriously cute!
    Luv and hugs,
    Grrrrrrr …

  2. Bogey, next time you go through the drive through you need to order the mozeralla cheese sticks to go with your junior burger! How yummo does that sound?
    Cheese sticks….ooooohhhhhhh we LOVE cheese.

    Miss Ellie and Baz

  3. And that Firehouse Dog landed the picture deal? Hah! The producers didn’t see you, Bogart! A dog that can read… appreciates fine art, (especially free-form digging)… and a dog that has a sophisticated burger palate. I’ll eat burgers with ketchup… mustard… pickles… even stale leftovers from the Hamburgler. (from the Kirbster)

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