Guess who got a hairecut today?  Spring is springing all over here in Portland (at least for a few days), and that means it must be time for me to lose some fuzz.  So mama dug through a bunch of boxes and found the rakes.  Usually this was dad’s job – to de-fuzz me – but mama does a really good job.  She rubs my butt a lot during the process so I almost fall asleep as the fuzz magically separates from my skin.

Today’s deforestation produced this:

Almost bigger than my head, but now I’ve lost a lot of my scruffy “ruff” and you can actually see my eyes now.

Today was going to be supermarket-shopping-excursion day, so we drove over to the east side.  But it got hot fast, and mama didn’t want to have to leave me in the car while she shopped.  So the day wouldn’t be wasted, I suggested another romp in Laurelhurst Park.

And no time in the park would be complete without some pine cone action.  On the search, sometimes you find pine cones..

And sometimes you find stinky tennis balls…

But when the cones are good, they are very, very good.

Marauding dogs and humans had better keep their distance as I will fiercely guard my stash.

I’m sure you understand.

I can be fast and furious if another doggie tries to muscle in…

To the victor goes the spoils!

Dirty foamy tongue = HAPPY AIREDALE TERRIER

Wanna kiss mama?



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6 thoughts on “Feeling HOT HOT HOT”

  1. Oh I do undewstand Bogie.
    Those pinecones awe vewy special and you awe the vistow.
    Youw Mama did a fantastic job on youw defuzzing. Mommi gets tiwed twying to do that to me..I think she would nevew get vewy faw on a gowgeous big aiweboy.

    Did you give hew that big smooch?, hehehe
    love you..smoochie kisses

  2. Wow Bogart, there’s enough fur there to make another dog. Nice to see your eyes. I love hearing about your Adventures. Keep em coming! Nose kisses to your Mom for being wonderful!


  3. You are one handsome Devil Bogie! I see you are taking good care of Mama, and keep up the good work. We Love You.
    Gia,Tax,Kitty, and CAt.

  4. Bogart — did you ask Mama to just take a little off the sides? Your resplendent new “do” will make poodles and other terriers pea green with envy. Or make other female pooches swoon as you trot on by…

    I bet you’re less toasty and roasty, and those Portland breezes feel pretty good now. Your Mama has a grooming gift!
    Cheryl N’ Kirbster

  5. This sounds like a major deforestation, but you are still fuzzy, Bogie! Boy, you’ve got quite a fur coat there!!!!!

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