Hey, it’s HOT here in Portland – as in, 80 degrees hot.  Sunny all day, and did I mention how hot it is?

We just cannot waste this golden, sunny opportunity by staying inside.  When it is warm it’s nice to be outside in the shade.  A light breeze blowing through the fuzz.  Proximity to something wet (and for extra credit, muddy).  With not too much time in the Bogcedes.  In some cities that might be limiting, but here in Portland that doesn’t actually narrow down the choices very much.  So what the hell, lets go to Mt. Tabor, I’ve got my stick at the ready…

Ah, the smell of pine cones, the wind blowing through my ears, and the taste of a nice, mossy stick.

No reason to stay at the bottom, as long as we’re here we should head to the top.

This is where the Daddy Klaus Principle of 4-Wheel Drive comes in – 4 legs move quickly up the hill, 2 legs move more slowly (and complain more) while going up the hill.  Dad always mentioned my 4-wheel drive whenever we would walk up a hill – yes, it means that I actually have to slow down so that the humans can keep up.

We also decided to stray off of the beaten path a little bit and explore some of the side trails.  That was one of dad’s hallmarks – he liked to walk on little paths rather than paved roads – so we did it too.  Our verdict is that it is muddier.

Check out my disco pants – mama and dad have always felt that my furnishings left a bit to be desired, and that I would never have the full-blown fluffy legs of a fine Dale.  Dad always called them my “disco pants”.  Well look at me now!!!

And yes, one of the best reasons to come here is because of the vast field of pine cones beckoning me at the very top.  Thank you oh great volcano for your cornucopia of cones!

Lowering the mighty Paw of Doom – these are MINE!!!

It’s not as much fun posing here by myself as it was posing with dad.  I don’t have the right motivation.  I don’t look quite as cute as I did when I was there with dad.  And oh yeah, I’m thirsty.



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5 thoughts on “Sun-Day”

  1. Gee Bogie, that looks like a fun walk. We got pinecones (pinekhones) all over the place here! Big and little, fat and skinny. Kinda like terriers. My muzzer has a hard time keeping up with me on the hills, so me n teka pull her along. We don’t mind ’cause she carries the treats!

    We don’t have 80 degrees here yet, but maybe by next week.

    gussie and teka

  2. Bogie, what a day you had today!!! I can almost hear you panting, thirsty Dale that you are … It is very nice that you carry on your Dad’s traditions and do things exactly the way you and your Daddy did. That will make you and your mama feel like Klaus is still with you, in Spirit, walking the same path, gathering your mighty pine cones collection, guiding you two to special places where the most flavorful seasoned sticks are hidden …

    And don’t you worry – your furnishings are gorgeous … almost as beautiful as your mama’s special tattoo. Just ask me, I’ll vote Yes, our Bogart is a real handsome boy!!! And I know better :mrgreen:

    Andy The Airedale Angel

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