Today is two months since our lives were normal – two months ago tomorrow is when Klaus entered the hospital.  I have been wanting to get a tattoo to honor Klaus and his influence in my life, but I didn’t want to rush into it – I wanted something that would remind me of him, something that I could carry with me everywhere, so that no matter what happened to me, a piece of him would be there.  I had lots of cheesy ideas, and then some better ones that I managed to forget (I have been a bit forgetful these days), but in the end it was not a difficult decision.

I had to sneak away from Bogart for an hour – not an easy feat as we have become quite the team these days – so that I could get this:

This is Klaus’ tattoo – he had this on his back.  Now that he is gone I will carry it on.  I just know that he would love this idea.  The tattoo artist did an amazing job of copying the design from a blurry photo I had.  It’s been many years since I’ve gotten my last tattoo – I did indeed forget exactly how much it hurts.

To thank Bogart for his patience while I was getting tattooed we hopped into the Bogcedes and headed to Laurelhurst Park.  We haven’t been here alone, and it was a beautiful sunny day.

This is a great park full of people – and dogs.  They have an off-leash area that of course Bogart is not allowed to run around in.  Lets just say that his recall skills need some work.

But on our tour around the park we ran into… an Airedale boy!

It’s amazing – whenever Bogart sees another Airedale (even a boy, and he’s not always friendly with boy dogs he doesn’t know) it’s like he knows that this is one of his kind.

The algae bloom that was here the last time we were in the park is still in, ahem, full bloom.  Yes, it’s really that green.

Bogart and I sat down for awhile so that we could talk about Klaus…

Our lives will never be the same.


Lulu & Bogart

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6 thoughts on “Tattoo You”

  1. Lulu, what a great idea with tatoo! Klaus would have loved it. He is sure smiling at you from the sky. And it looks like it was a very beautiful day befitting the occasion. Celebration of Klaus’s life and memories. Peace and Blessings to Lulu and Bogart!

    Big hearty hug from Andy’s mama and papa

  2. We love your tattoo, Lulu. We just know that Klaus would approve! You are right about us doggies meeting other ‘dales. Somehow we know our own kind. The 3 of us usually want to eat up other doggies that we meet…unless they are Airedales. You might say we are “breedists”!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. Hi, Lulu & Bogart,

    I don’t have the guts to get a tattoo!

    Another engaging installment, letting get a glimpse of your life, and even Bogart’s perspective… as well as how you’re remembering Klaus. I especially love the final pastoral / lake shot photo, it’s spiritual, sad, and has a quiet, reassuring power. Got a little teary-eyed reading, “our lives will never be the same.” So true after losing a soul mate.

    Because you write so well, and the photos are delightful, I find myself even more curious. How do you keep Bogart’s coat, for example? Do you groom him yourself? His fur looks lush and healthy. He always looks adorable… really cute face. I’m also curious about Klaus and you. Are you a L.A. transplant with a writing / performing background? How did you and Klaus meet?

    Because you’re a good storyteller, I find myself (as a reader) wanting more. I’m even curious what kind of camera you use.

    So, so true about Airedales knowing their own kind. Kirby (my Dale) knows instantly. Once we encountered another female Airedale, Molly, and my son cracked to Molly’s owners, “Well, I guess this kind of makes us in-laws.”

  4. Lovely tattoo! And what a fabulous way to carry him around with you – on the outside for others to see, to match how you carry him in your heart.
    Mojo sends Bogie her Airegirl sillypup greetings, and would like to boast about rolling in horse poo, fox poo and dead fish all in one weekend.
    Lou & Mojo

  5. What a lovely tatoo and what lovely photos of Bogart and the natural beauty that, we hope, is providing you with solace. You, Bogart and Klaus remain in our thoughts.

    Lots of Love,

    Ann and Miss Kitty

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