One of the many things that we miss around here about Klaus is his fantastic cooking skills.  Not only was he good at it, he really loved it, and was always trying to figure out new vegetarian things to make for me.  His pizza would have even pleased my Italian grandmother (and her pizza was legendary).

At a local Los Angeles supermarket, there was a wonderful woman who worked behind the deli counter.  She actually made certain Russian specialty foods at home and sold them there several days a week.  You had to be lucky to get there when she still had some, and she always recognized us and was so pleased that we loved her cooking.  They were really incredible.  I could never understand what they were correctly called, so Klaus and I came up with names ourselves.  There were some that we called oil rags (fried dough stuffed with potato, sauerkraut, or meat) and some that we called boats.  Klaus took making these kind of things as a challenge, and that man could make a mean boat.

Boats – for lack of a correct term – are pretty simple.  Pizza dough, feta cheese with dill, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and a little olive oil.  Tonight – on the eve of the new season of Deadliest Catch (Klaus and I used to watch this somewhat obsessively) – I will try to make boats.

Assemble the ingredients…

Get a little Airedale assistance (he is especially good at helping to sample the feta cheese to make sure it’s just right)…

And voila – boats.  To be fair, these are probably the ugliest boats ever made.  But since I claim no cookery skills at all, I am pretty pleased.  At least they taste right.

So it’s time to settle in with our boats for the new season of Deadliest Catch…

Yes they are delicious, and yes we love to watch this show together.

Miss you Klaus… so much… but we’re watching this together as a fuzzy and furry family just like we would when you were here with us.


Bogart & Lulu

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8 thoughts on “The Dale-iest Catch”

  1. Oh, you guys! If those boats taste even a bit like what they look, then … Nyammmm … You did a fine job for sure, a real team work. Who else in the whole world would agree to taste the feta for you, mama Lulu? Wait, is that a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Trader Joe there, right there, in the corner? We hope you did eat some boats for Klaus, like a strong loving family that you are. And judging by the happy looks on the fuzzy and whiskered faces (hello, black-and-white kitty!), yes, you diiiiiiiiiiid 😆 . Bogart, give mama a huge hug for discovering yet one more talent of hers!

  2. We think the food looks yummy! We like to watch the deadliest catch too. We hope that is a happy memory for you, watching it with your Dad.

    Simba and Jazzi xxx

  3. Lulu, we don’t know what “boats” are, but they look very yummy! And yours don’t look ugly at all! We’re glad they tasted good to you! I’m sure Klaus would be proud. Somehow, everything tastes better when shared with your furkids! 😆

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. Lulu, I am so IMPRESSED and PLEASED that you cooked something Klaus used to cook for you!!! I know until now you have not been a cook, but Klaus will help you fill that gap if you keep letting him. What a wonderful way to remember him! Anne and I will have you over some night for dinner soon; we can show you how to make some more tasty meals if you like. Meanwhile, keep up the good eating! Love, Alice 😀

  5. Hi, Lulu, Bogart and Furry Family,

    The Kirbster and I love reading your blog and viewing the photos. Truly, Lulu, you put the photos and text together so cleverly (and with love). We continue to send you good thoughts and hugs from Chicago, and keep checking in. The “boats” look delicious — enough to (ahem)… DIVE into! Plus, we know so many people who are hooked on the “Deadliest Catch.”

    What a loving tribute to Klaus, to continue preparing the foods he liked cooking…

    Cheryl & Kirby

  6. **licking lips**.. those boats look delicious and I am sure they taste even better!! We are sure Klaus will be so proud of you Lulu!!
    Our mom likes watching Deadliest Catch too but it’s always shown so late (11pm)..

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