To everyone who contributed toward this, I simply cannot thank you enough.  When it arrived I was puzzled – I wasn’t expecting a package – and Bogart almost scared off the UPS man with his mighty bark.  And then I opened it…

It is an incredible work – Ami, you are a GENIUS – and the first thing I did (after sitting on the floor with it and crying for about a half hour) was put it up on the wall directly across from our front door.  So it is the very first thing I see whenever I come home.  It is so very, very special and I love it very, very much.  Klaus’ hand is perfect, those are his fingers, and the sleeve is from one of his own jackets – he was a fashion designer in Austria and had his own shop in Vienna – that he made.  And I am wearing Klaus’ ring.  And Bogart’s expression is right on!

The other reason to hang it up right away is that our apartment currently looks like this (lets all play Spot the Airedale):

Love, Love, and More Love,

Lulu & Bogart

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16 thoughts on “Bestest Gift Ever”

  1. You’re right, Lulu! Ami is definitely a genius! Not to mention…a very talented artist! We are sooooo glad you like it! We hope it makes you feel good everytime you come home and see it!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. Lulu and Bogie
    I did it with love, and am so relieved that I got it right.!

    Lisa thought of it and organized it along with Brooke, I just did the painting. George made his “Rube Goldberg” packing, and off it went.

    Everyone was counting on me, they so much wanted you to get something to let you always know you’ve got friends all over the world who care about you and want to make you smile again

    The boxes will eventually go away, just do a little at a time..I see that darling aireface peeking out, and the doggie and cat dishes. Those are the essentials. Did you ever decide on a bed? It looks like a nice , bright apartment with high ceilings( I love that, I get claustrophobic in low spaces)
    Thank you for your kind and flattering words, too often I feel like a failure.

    I’m so glad you’re wearing his ring too.
    love Ami
    thousands of smoochie kisses

  3. Oh My Goodness!!! This is so cool! And so true to life. Lulu, Bogie and the kitties, that’s quite an army of friends you’ve got in your life. With their magic help you WILL settle and feel at home soon. We are very happy that you got to bring with you all the dear and meaningful to your heart belongings. And even though it may not look or sound like it at this time, but this IS the beginning of your new life. Just take one breath at a time, make one step at a time, cry when your heart needs it. We very much hope you’ll start feeling a bit better soon, although we also realize that one can not rush letting go and healing. Dear Lulu, please be gentle to yourself. Your love for Klaus, and time, will do the rest.
    Big hug to you and Bogie, and the kitties.
    Thinking of you,
    Andy’s mama and papa

  4. Lulu, Ami is an amazing person and a talented and wonderful artist. She did beautiful work on the painting and I am so happy that you love it.

    The apartment looks fantastic! It looks like it might be a converted factory building, which might mean Bogie can talk all he wants? I so understand that silence you are talking about. Dogs and music became essential for me. Maybe Bogie can even learn to sing. I also love those big windows and all that sunshine pouring in. Bogie looks pretty happy hanging out amidst the boxes. Don’t you just wish you could equip him with thumbs?

    We’re all thinking about you right now.

    All the best,


  5. Wowee Wow, what a talent and a treasure and such a surprise. This website restores our faith in humanity and how people can care for one another.
    Ami, we are awestruck by your talent and generosity. Lulu and Bogart, I know that picture with Klaus hand will bring you both much comfort and happiness.
    What a day, it is remarkable, Gia and Taz, Kitty and Cat

  6. We are so thrilled you love the painting. Ami always does such a wonderful job. We’ve been anxious to see how it turned out, hehehe. Thanks to Lisa for thinking up the idea for everyone too. Just take your time unpacking. No need to stress over it. Maybe Bogart can pull everything out of the boxes for you, hahaha.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

  7. w00f’s, sooon happy u like the painting…Ami is fantastic..heehee, me seed Bogie, in the middle of the boxes…thinking of u all..

    b safe,
    ~rocky and company~

  8. That is such a great painting. I know you will treasure it for years to come; I know you probably won’t have time, but maybe you will :), but I gave you an “award” on my blog. Head over there to read about the Honest Scrap Reward!

    Tell Bogart next time I go for a jog in Griffith Park I will rub up against a tree for him.

  9. Oh! The painting looks wonderful. Your apartment does not look any messier than our house! 🙂 But I see wee Bogart there–and that makes it a home!

    wally t.

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