The last day of my daily walkie on Powell Butte.  One of dad’s favorite places in Portland, and where he and I walked every single day since we moved here.  So sort of a Klaus Memorial Walkie as mama and I talked a lot about dad and how much we missed him.

I left a little message for ya there dad…

And I collected some pine cones to take with us…

And a nice juicy stick…

Because today was moving day.  At exactly 9:00 in the morning (after said walkie), a big yellow truck pulled up in front of our house.  Movers – on time?  Amazing.  And they were completely awesome – they helped mama, shrink-wrapped lots of our furniture, and even managed to keep me from wandering too far into the neighborhood to get in some final pee-mail.  The company is called Thunder Movers, and mama was really, really happy with them.

Neither of the guys blinked an eye when they saw all of this:

I, however, had other fish to fry.  I needed to make sure that in all of the fuss we did not forget to take some very important things with us…

Like this soccer ball.  I found this back in Los Angeles in Griffith Park, and have enjoyed many fine kicking days in my back yard with dad.  Even though I understand that the new place doesn’t have a back yard, well that’s no reason not to keep the soccer ball, is it?


As much as I enjoy being in charge and supervising, I did want to help.  I offered to help mama take down the box filled with food and dog treats.

Only fair I thought, as the moving guys were dealing with this:

In the end, you’ll be happy to know that our move went smoothly and we are now in our new place.  And most importantly, the soccer ball made the cut.



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17 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed”

  1. Oh, Bogie, we knew, we absolutely knew you’d manage this move! Under your watchful paw everything has been taken care of, including the goodies-and-the-foodies. Good to know that all your essentials (kudos to soccer ball!!!) are still with you and your mama; none of the nice movers guys got eaten up alive he he, and most important that you left so many messages on your favorite trail for your Dad – now he will ALWAYS know how much you love him!

    Here is Cheers! to warming up your new home, and our love to you, buddy, your sweet mama Lulu and your kitties!

    Thinking of you guys,
    Andy’s mama and papa

  2. oh bogie it so good to see you in such fine form and that soccor ball sure is a winner! can’t wait to see you in your new digs!

  3. Hi, Lulu and Bogart!
    Yes, checking in on you and just wanted you to know you all are in my thoughts every day–yes! I’m so glad parts of your days are going well and are unanticipated surprises. I can’t wait to give you a hug! (you, too Bogart, if you come, too!)
    Love, Marti

  4. Dear Bogart,
    We are so happy you are progressing, and sharing with us, on your road to recovery. So glad mama let you keep your fave ball! You never know when you might need that. Mama had so much stuff!!! Thank the stars for the movers. Here is hoping you will adapt and like your new digs, and new adventures to come. Glad you both had the camera for sharing your day with your friends around the world. Take good care of Mama, she really needs you now. Stay close and love her. And wash her tears away…..nothing like an Airelick to make your parental unit feel better!
    With much love, Gia and Taz, Kitty, and Cat

  5. The way you express your feelings, concerns, hurt, laughs, is amazing.
    I’m so sorry I don’t writte that good in english. I wish I could find the words to give you strenght and to help you trough all that pain… Gosh, sometimes life is just so unfair. So weird. So sureal.
    But your soul is huge.

    Thank you for sharing it.


  6. We are sooooo happy that the move is behind you! And we’re really glad you got to take the soccer ball with you! Our pawrents moved 14 times in 15 years, so they know how hard it is. They also know that you still have a lot of work ahead of you to unpack everything. We’ll keep our paws crossed that the unpacking goes as smoothly as the move! Bogart, you need to take very good care of your mama!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches 🙂

  7. Hi Bogart!
    So glad to hear that you had a smooth moving experience and that you got to keep that pawesome ball!! Good luck with getting settled in, and I hope you can find the perfect spot to store your soccer ball.
    Love Clover xo

  8. Hi Bogart!

    We know moving and leaving yore old plase isn’t any fun, but exploring the new plase is! You and yore mom will find new plases to walk, and you’ll make new furrends there too. And always memember, yore good Dad is always wif you, watching ofur you and mom.

    Sending lots of purrs,
    Finnegan Buddy & Jasmine

  9. You did a great job helping your mama during the move, Bogie. We can’t wait to see the new digs and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect place to kick around your soccer ball 😆

    luv the Fleas

  10. Hi i am very happy that the move went good for you guys.
    Bogart, I am getting to be a very big boy already. I now weigh 25 pounds and my beard is growing. I am going to learn how to blog soon. Please let your Mom know that her love for klaus and you is just powerful. I will try to send pictures soon.
    Bogart, you are my Hero

  11. THANK DOG BOGART! Your soccer BALL just had to MAKE THE CUT! EveryDOG needs a soccer ball of THREE! OMG! OMG! OMG! I am so glad your move wentest wellest!


    Putter …:)

  12. Glad to hear your move went smoothly. Hopefully you are both discovering your new home and neighbourhood together.

    That ball was lucky it didn’t get left behind. Enjoy chasing it on your walks.

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