Yes, we are all still alive… thanks to all who have been checking in on us.  The work of finding a place to live and then actually going through all of our 13 years worth of things has been incredibly draining.  Even Bogart does not insist on walking outside for things other than are absolutely necessary.  I know he understands that I am very busy, and very sad, and he is as well.

Even simple things like what to do with the contents of Klaus’ underwear drawer were heart-wrenching.  Wading through so many years’ worth of things – some sentimental, some functional, some very what-were-we-thinking? – has kicked me hard in the stomach.  Finding a place to live took a LOT out of me (and Bogart, he was absolutely essential in persuading my next landlord to take us).  Packing is always stressful, but when you are packing, taking things away to Goodwill, selling things on Craiglist, and still trying to figure out what to keep and why… well, I haven’t had much time or energy to do much else.

Every once in awhile I find something that makes me start crying uncontrollably and then an hour or so is lost.  Today’s time-waster was finding Klaus’ cologne.  One whiff made me into a sobbing puddle.

It has been only a little more than a month since Klaus entered the hospital and our lives have changed immeasurably – sometimes time speeds along, other times it is slower than molasses.

We plan to move this Sunday.  I have splurged and hired movers.  I am so incredibly happy with that idea.


Lulu & Bogart

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22 thoughts on “Ground Control to Major Tom”

  1. Lulu, I know it’s very time consuming, but letting your feelings out is the best thing you could do. I think it helps with the healing process. Packing and moving is never easy and it’s even harder with your circumstances! I’m glad you hired movers…at least that will take SOME of the burden off of you! Good luck with your move on Sunday. Remember, there are lots of us out here wishing only the best for you and Bogart and your kitties!

    Lana (Mom to the 3 P’s)

  2. Good luck with your move. Movers are a great idea, it is stressful and tiring just packing everything, let alone carrying it to a truck, packing the truck and unpacking at the other end.

    Hmm you might need a big bottle of something tasty in your new fridge.

  3. Moving is one of those things on the critical stress list. Moving almost immediately after the death of a loved one must be right there at the top of that list.

    We are glad you hired movers! It was the best investment we made in our move to Tennessee.

    And as you go through “things” to keep and give away, my only advice is to make sure that what you give away goes to a good “outlet” where it will be used to help people or animals or both. That way, when you find yourself nostalgic for “something” you gave away, you have the comfort of knowing the end result was positive for somebody(something)

    Gussie and Muzzer

  4. Hi there friends,
    We just wanted to pop by to send some hugs and kisses to you. We can’t even imagine how difficult things are for you, but we are proud of you for hanging in there. Best wishes for a smooth moving day – great idea with the movers!
    Love Clover & Mom

  5. Lulu
    We knew you wewe pwobably ovewhwelmed wif the’s good to heaw fwom you..thank you fow taking the time.
    It’s hawd enuff to do a wegoolaw move wifout having to sowt thwough youw Love’s things and make those decisions.
    I’m so glad you will have movews and that you found a place you like..I’m suwe Bogie is the biggest comfowt you can possibly have..we awe wishing we lived close enuff to help wif youw tasks
    love and smoochie kisses
    Asta and Mommi

  6. I also splurged the last time I moved for movers – it was the first time I had ever used some and you will not regret it. Stay strong and I know Bogart is taking good care of you and giving you the smiles you need to keep your health up and get through the day. Remember, one day at a time and you don’t have to be anything for anyone, but you! You are important and don’t forget that. Purrs to you both,

    Lisa, Marley and Reggie

  7. We hope your move goes well – like others have said, hiring movers was a great idea. Sending purrs (from my kitties) and good thoughts to you, Bogart and the kitties,


    Karen (Mum), Gypsy & Tasha

  8. w00f’s, me too wish i lived close enuff to b wiff give u a hug when u needed it…moving is stressful anyway, but when its for this reason, its even worse..w r still thinking of u….

    b safe,
    ~rocky and mama~

  9. Lulu and Bogie, what you are going through right now is very, very hard and adds more pain to the pain you are already feeling, but in a way letting go of some of the things at this time in your life, Lulu, especially things that you FEEL need to go now, will help your healing. And they will – I am sure! – end up in the right hands. We often get things at the Goodwill and every time I get something I think with such gratitude of the person who owned this or that particular item: who was he? she? what was his life like? was he happy? That is what other people will be thinking of Klaus’ things and much warm feelings and appreciation will be flowing yours and his way. Bless Klaus’s memory!

    Lulu, it’s really a good decision to hire movers. You’ve been through way too much in a last month to be able to handle this one more chore all by yourself. Even with Bogie’s and kitties help. Good luck with your move. We are hoping it will be a nice place for all of you to live.

    And Bogie, did you already properly pee everywhere around your new place and the whole neighborhood to make a statement: This Is Mine and My Mama’s (ok, And My Kitties) ??? You da man.

    Big warm hug to all of you,
    Andy’s mama and papa, who are checking on you through your blog every single day,
    and Andy The Airedale Angel, who is watching over you, ALWAYS.

  10. Dear Lulu and Bogart,

    We hope your move goes as well as it can. We know it will be hard and stressful so be sure and take care of each other. May you both find peace in your new home and may it be a place where you can cherish Klaus’s memory and begin to smile at the beautiful precious memories recalled from the past.

    In the meantime let your sorrow flow. It is right and proper that you cry for Klaus. He was and is such an important part of your lives.

    Poem for Lulu and Bogart:

    We walk as if in a dark place;
    The dream of youth now jaded,
    The cynicism of age awakened.
    Yet, when we find ourselves in deep slumber,
    And can keep the secrets of our breath no longer,
    You rise like a song,
    A man with the moon in his eyes.
    For, one glorious, shining day
    we were your heart’s desire.
    And in this solitary moment
    The sun touches our sleeping forms
    As if with a thousand kisses, or strokes.

    Adapted from: The Blessing by Matthew Geraghty

  11. Hi Bogart and LuLu!

    We are thinking about you here all the time and hoping that the move goes as smoothly as possible … This is not easy task for sure …


    Putter and Kate

  12. I sure wish I could come over and cheer you up! I would help you pack – and by pack I mean eat all your food. And then I would teach you how to howl because I just learned that. I really really really hope and pray you start to feel better soon and I think about you a lot.

  13. Hi Lulu & Bogie,
    We’re glad you hired movers. We’re sure that will take a little stress away from you. We know you have enough to deal with already. We hope everything goes well today with the move. Take good care of each other & the kitties.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

  14. Lulu and Bogart,

    Just stopping by to see how you both are doing! Mom wishes she could visit more but she’s been super busy with work. But we wanted you and Bogart to know that we are thinking of you!

    We hope your move goes very smoothly! Moving sucks but moving under the circumstances that you’ve had to deal with must have been horrible! We hope you were able to take treasures with you that will help in your healing!

    So glad charlie’s mom has been bringing you yummy food!! Eating is a necessity!

    We hope each day brings a tiny bit of a smile or happiness to you! You are in our thoughts!

    penny and velcro

  15. Hi, Lulu & Bogart,

    The Kirbster and I keep checking back at your site to see how you’re doing. I’m glad you hired movers to help. You describe the grieving process so well. Life’s moments can either inch forward ploddingly, like sludge, or be gone in a blink. We really feel for you and continue to wish you well.

    Cheryl and Kirby (near Chicago)

  16. Lulu and Bogie,

    We are just checking in to see how you are doing and wishing your lives get a little easier with each passing day. Please know we are thinking of you and the kitties and hoping you will find some respite from the pain once you get into your new home.

    ‘Kaika and his mom

  17. Hi! We wanted to check in and see how you and Bogart were doing! You are always in our thoughts and we wish you luck in your moving endeavor. Hiring movers was a great idea!

    Kisses to Bogart!

  18. Hei Bogie,

    Are you being a bad bad boy and doing your fuzzy bestest to help your mama to get settled in your new home? 😆 We know that you love your mama more than ever. Remember to take her for a walk here and there, and if you happen to find a mouthwatering well-seasoned bone on one of your forays, always offer it to mama first, as a full bloodied AireGentleman you are.

    Thinking of you every day with love and warmth. A big hug to all,
    Andy’s mama and papa

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