Wednesday, you ask?  Surely you jest… it’s Friday the 13th after all…

Well, no.

I’ve decided that I am always approximately 2 days behind – not just in blogging, but in everything.  That appears to be the amount of time I have lost in the last week or so either through sleeping or crying.  Not to mention that pesky daylight savings time.  Spring forward my ass…

On Wednesday evening Bogart and I decided that some ice cream was in order.  Those who know me well have probably just gasped for breath.  Those of you who don’t know me personally have no idea why such a simple thing would cause such trepidation.  You see, I am a semi-reformed sugar addict.  There, I said it.  I’ve come out of my frosting-filled closet.  For the last two years I was able to ignore the siren song of the sugary treat (February 23rd being my anniversary).  Not a single bit of goodness passed my lips during that time.  Was I happy about it?  More like conflicted, I’d say.  I gave up everything (cookies, candy, chocolate, pie, ice cream, oh pretty much everything delicious and sugar-y) cold turkey.  The only way I could.  And it was HARD.  Not terribly rewarding either as I didn’t do any of the things that those “death to sugar” books would lead you to believe – didn’t lose a ton of weight, didn’t have a clearer head, still have the pesky pimples, and didn’t feel any damn better.  I’m sure that inside things were chugging along at a better pace, but I had nothing to hold on to as my flag – I feel so much more energetic!  I am svelte!  No more pizza face!

Ahem, no.

And it’s funny because there is absolutely no sympathy for the adult candy-addict.  I’ve often said that if I were addicted to heroin I’d get more sympathy – would you wave a dirty syringe in front of a recovering heroin addict?  Probably not, but I’ve had many people not only wave chocolate bars in front of me, but eat them slowly, lovingly, and completely while I watched.  Not to mention that my drug of choice was readily available, socially acceptable, and completely affordable even during my weakest financial moments.  And of course it’s yummo.

So for two years I was able to keep this up – not one single misstep.  Until Klaus passed away.  It’s amazing how simple it was to buy a nice chocolate bar for myself (no worry about the law, or unapproving glances from “decent” people) and consume the entire thing in minutes.  Something that was entirely verboten only a few weeks before (self imposed, yes, but I was just getting good at it).

I haven’t had any ice cream in 2 years.  Damnit, I felt like having ice cream.  Bogart agreed.  So off we went into the night in the Bogcedes to the grocery store.  I decided to combine a little walkie for Bogart down Hawthorne so we’d have a little social interaction and he could pee on some things he hasn’t peed on for awhile.  All good.  Then he guarded the Bogcedes (his least favorite thing save for guarding the house) while I went inside to procure some of that Ben and Jerry’s goodness.  Vanilla, chocolate, caramel and chocolate pieces.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.  I bought it, came out to the car, and Bogart and I were off for home and creamy happiness.

And then, BOOM!

What the hell was that?  Driving down the street I think I felt it more than I heard it but it was pretty unmistakable – my drivers side front tire blew out.  This has happened to me before but on my old 67 Mustang, which truly almost blew the car off of the road.  In the Bogcedes, it felt like I had hit an unfortunately large bump and then was compelled to drive off slowly to the far left for something very, very important (even old luxury car = goodness).  So great.  Now I’m stuck far away from home with a blowout on the Bogcedes, Bogart and I in the car, with fast-melting ice cream.  Damn.  Damn.  Damn.

AAA has saved my butt many times, and this time was no exception.  They towed Bogart and I home (Bogart did have to ride in the Bogcedes however, my tow truck driver not realizing that he was in the company of someone famous).  By the time we got home my delicious ice cream was more of a soup.  Not that this stopped me, but I didn’t get to share with Bogart the way I’d hoped (I didn’t want to give him any of the chocolate).  He hasn’t liked ice cream in the past, so maybe that was just as well.

Cry, go to sleep, wake up, call another tow truck.  Off to Les Schwab to replace the blown-out tire.  Why is it that every time I’ve ever had something like this happen it is never sufficient to replace only one tire?  To be fair, they did show me what my other tires looked like and lets just say that I was lucky only one blew out.  So now I have to replace not just one but all four tires on the Bogcedes.  Double, triple, quadruple Damn.

The good news is that we do have a new place to live next month – finally someone willing to take a chance on us.  I really think that bringing Bogart in to the original viewing and interview helped enormously.  He was on his best behavior (I think he knew this was important) and did the triple-play of Dale-dom:  Head tilt, giving paw whenever someone says Guten Tag, and then lying down.  For some reason lying down always makes people smile – I think because it makes Bogart look even more like a big stuffed animal.  The space is a lot smaller than where we currently are, but is very close to where I work – so I will be able to be close to the important man in my life, the Boglemeister.

And for those who have been worrying, Charlie’s moms dropped off another amazing care package for me (excellent chili and rice salad!!!) so yes I am eating.  And not just chocolate.



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21 thoughts on “A Wednesday Blowout”

  1. When it rains . . . . You and Bogart take good care of each other. And eat ice cream whenever you feel like it, it’s good for you.

  2. mmmmm…chocolate and ice cream. 70, 80 90% dark chocolate! Muzzer loves it, and I love the way her mouth smells when she eats it.

    Muzzer says “You go, Lulu…the wagon will be wating when you are ready to hop on.”

    gussie and muzzer

  3. 😯 Uh oh… we didn’t know about the sugar thing or else we wouldn’t have put oatmeal-raisin cookies & chocolate in the care package… I feel responsible for your “downfall”… 😯

  4. Mea culpa! Guess we shouldn’t have included the package of chocolate in your first food present! But I made the oatmeal raisin cookies with very little sugar, and in general we cook whole-grain, very healthy stuff for you! Hugs, Charlie’s #2 mom. 🙂

  5. Chocolate is good for you!!! Especially the dark one. And the good thing is that there is no drug interference between chocolate and ice cream. Amen!

    Bogie, you were so good guarding mama’s ice cream in Bogcedes, there is your new honorable title: “Mama’s ice cream’s and everything else Guardian”. And your triple Aire-routine was certainly a knock-out. We are so relieved to know that you found this nice place for your mama and the kitties to move to, and that you all will be close and together.

    Big warm hug from Andy’s mama and papa, and sweet chocolaty wishes from Andy The Airedale Angel

  6. Lulu, with all you’ve been through, lately, you deserve chocolate, ice cream and anything else that might be loaded with sugar! For some reason, when we feel the lowest, sugary treats seem to help! This does remind us, though, of everytime our mom tries to swear off sugar. Every time she would put a piece of something sugary into her mouth, our dad would call her on the phone (if she wasn’t home) or call her name (if she WAS home). It was like he had ESP or something!

    We’re really sorry you have to deal with getting all new tires. What a pain!…but we’re glad you have AAA to help. And we’re very glad you found a new place to live where you can always be close to Bogie!

    Lana (Mom to the 3 P’s)

  7. Ok, so a few things for ya – Marie Antoinette totally had it right about the cake thing, and what the hell are those things behind the Bog-man? 😆 They somehow seem familiar – like a dream or distant memory.
    And you sound like you are doing a little better. I’m glad you found a new place and hope you start feeling more normal soon!
    PS – aren’t old luxury cars the best? I ride shotgun in my mom’s Ikenaudi. Heated seat = the best thing ever.

  8. Pee Pee S – I just want to say that I only just found your blog because of everyone talking about Klaus and I wanted to offer my support, but I want you to know that your blog is one of my favorites and I am excited to read updates because I think about you a lot even when I’m not blogging. And Bogart is a very admirable dog because he’s doing such a great job of taking care of you.

  9. Ooooooh. Ice cream. I would help even with the melty stuff. I hope you love your new digs! Bogart must be an excellent real estate agent.

    wally t.

  10. I am happy that you and bogie are sorting things out fairly well. We dont comment often but check up on you alot. Good luck iwth the new digs..and the new tires…your in our thoughts…take care of each other..MJ and mOM

  11. You are amazing, keeping your wonderful sense of humor during a very difficult time. You and Bogart take good care of each other. If you need anything, just give my mom a shout at my blog, we aren’t that far away and she does know how to cook.

  12. Hi Lulu,
    I think you deserve all the ice-cream you want (unmelted preferably!!) for what you had gone through the last month or so.
    Sorry to hear about the tyres.. but hey, with a new set of tyres, you can at least be sure they’d last for a while!
    Hope you and your handsome boy are doing ok.. remember, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.. not very pawsitive I know, but that’s how I managed to convince myself to get on with life.

    Huskee’s mom – Shane

  13. We highly recommend Ben & Jerry’s “Cherry Garcia” with a topping of Bailey’s Irish Creme, a little hot fudge, heavy cream, and seven cherries. Best chased down with two bags of Lindt truffles. If you have a blowout, finish the bottle of Bailey’s Irish Creme.

    Der Boglemeister has become the quintessential homme d’Affairs–we KNEW he had it in him! Our theory is that God is an Airedale and the Universe is comic opera Not a bad place.

    Hang in there, and give Bogie a hug!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

    Sephie, Buster & Bailey

  14. Two years without sugar is just unthinkable in our house. Two days without ice cream is unheard of. You have extraordinary will-power!

    Tommy & Shelly

  15. Lulu, I am a friend of Asta and her parents. I wrote a couple of emials during the past month or so just to express my feelings. It sounds like you and Bogart are getting along…thank goodness. Eat all the ice cream you want! Remember that you have your special guardian angel looking over you both. It is not the same as having him right next to you, but he is there with you…I know it!

    Please take care of yourself and give Bogart some hugs from me.

  16. Hey there, I found you through Joe Stains and just wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your loss. I have been checking up on you intermittently to see how you are doing and I am glad you’re still writing; I know Bogart must be of immeasurable comfort to you during this time when it seems like nothing will make the pain go away. Know there are denizens of netfolk who are thinking of you daily and wishing you strength and good tidings to weather the days ahead.

  17. I am stopping over to check in on you, not even knowing you and Bogart, I think of you in random moments and hope that you are managing. You are! Other than the tires (and it is always in fours … the replacement thing …) and moving and sorting and everything. But how could you even have resisted the ice cream. OMG. I would have sat in that car with the blown-out tire and used my hand as a huge old scooper and EATEN it all right there, dropping blobs on the lid for Bogart as I did … THEN I would have called AAA … hugs …

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