“Strangers” has never seemed like such a foreign concept as it has these past few weeks.  The way that my mailbox, emailbox, and front door are overflowing is really overwhelming with wishes from hundreds of people that I “technically” do not know and who “technically” do not know me.  One of these days I promise to thank each and every one of you personally, when I have my wits about me again.

I am overdue in posting photos of the wonderful things I have received, mostly because crying and Photoshop don’t mix.  My few attempts have been pretty darned pathetic.  Rest assured that everything that has been sent is sitting on my kitchen table (where I spend the majority of my time when I am in the house) so I can see it all the time – flowers, Bogart’s painting, the needle-felted mini-Bogart, the book of well-wishes from all over the world that arrived from Australia, a tiki necklace from New Zealand, and more.  And cards – so many cards.

Last night I got a surprise in the form of a visit from Charlie’s moms – it seems that people are concerned about my not eating.  LOTS of people.  In fact it’s probably the most-mentioned thing in the comments and emails these days.  I am good at a lot of things – just not cooking, apparently.  I got to meet Charlie – what a fine, handsome looker he is! – and Charlie’s moms got to meet Bogart.  And they brought me a cooler full of amazing vegetarian food.  I was a little bit in shock – ok, I was in the bathtub just before they arrived – but still kind of wandered around the front yard in a bit of a daze.  Ladies, the food is AMAZING, and yes I put it into the refrigerator right away.  Yes I had some last night, as well as this morning.  I will post photo proof of me eating as promised!

I know that so many times when I talk to people about Bogart’s blog in the past, I have gotten an odd reaction, a sort of “you do what?” or “people actually write AS their dogs?” kind of thing.  Sometimes I’ve found it was easier to just go along with it, downplaying the blog’s importance in my life, or just saying something like “yeah it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars”.  I don’t think I can ever again do the downplay.  After all that has happened, and all of the support I’ve received, it would be a great disservice to ever have to pretend again that this isn’t one of the most important things in my life – in addition to Bogart, my cats, and of course, Klaus.  A big shout-out to DWB, for without it we all would not be connected in this special way.


Lulu & Bogart

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22 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers”

  1. Dear sweet Lulu, although we’ve never met you face to face, we feel like we know you. Bogart’s blog was the first one our mom ever read and through it, she accidentally stumpbled upon the DWB website. Somehow, we feel “connected” to everyone who’s blogs we read. The reason we joined the DWB is because way back when Oscar the Airedale died, we found out what a caring community it is. We feel a special connection with Airedale “people”, terrier “people” and anyone who cares enough about their pets to actually have a blog for them. Our mom gets very curious looks when she tells someone that her dogs have a blog. Somehow, they just don’t “get” it, but fortunately, there are over 1100 of us, now, that DO. We all stick together through good and bad and hopefully, give each other a little encouragement along the way.

    We’re very glad that Charlie’s moms brought you some edible food! We’re not making fun of you, we just know how you feel. When our dad was in the hospital, our mom ate Hormel Completes microwave dinners. Yeah, she knows HOW to cook…she just doesn’t do it very often. Dad does most of the cooking around here.

    We’re glad to know that lots and lots of animal “people” are trying to help you see a little “sunshine” during this sad, sad time.

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. Wow Lulu, thanks for putting that last post together, I know it is hard at this time to even function. I am so hapy the world is reaching out to you and Bogie, you all deserve it as you bring others MUCH pleasure with this blog. It is good to hear that people, as a rule, are still good, kind and giving. Your family is beloved by many;keep on keeping on. I hope you find yourself able to continue the blog. We all need you to make our days brighter. Much love to you and Bogie, Gia and Taz, Kitty and Cat.

  3. Food is important. As a “substantial” wirey fellow, I know whereof I speak! But even I know that “friends and family” trump food. We are glad you are eating, but we are even gladder that you are eating food that friends provided. The tradition here in the South is one of big gatherings after a funeral, and everyone brings food to share. And wonderful food it is, even as leftovers for the family who has lost a loved one. Our thanks to Charlie’s moms, for doing what we can’t.

    Gussie and muzzer

  4. Hang in there, Lulu. Sorry about making you get out of the bath to answer the door. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need company, or to get away for awhile, or help, (or food 😉 ) or even just a hug. We’ll be in touch.

  5. Hi Lulu! How nice of Charlie’s moms. My mom is a vegetarian, too, and I wish she could bring you some food (because cooking is the one thing that she can do decently!).

    We know how you feel about DWB. The company of dogs is very comforting. My ma ape always feels a little embarrassed beginning stories with “So my dog has a blog…” but those folks out there don’t know what they’re missing!

    We hope you are feeling better.

    wally t

  6. We are so glad you can put your feelings and thoughts into Bogart’s blog. My mom thinks that this is helping you heal, whether you think that or not. We are sending you tons of healing thoughts. Klaus is at peace and he is thankful for all you have given him. Never think different.
    We all love you!

  7. Dear Lulu,

    It is heartening, even reassuring, to hear of how kind people can be. I’m not surprised, though. We get a sense of who you are through this wonderful blog. I’ve told several people (especially Airedale owners) about the site. Your humor, whimsy — and likeability — shines through your descriptions of Bogart, your beloved husband, yourself… and all those you meet. I’ve been checking back to see how you’re doing, because you’ve suffered a devastating loss. I too have had major losses and felt as though I were engulfed in a fog… often a slow-motion one. I hope you are eating, getting some deep sleep, and feeling the genuine affection from people who read Bogart’s (your) blog.

    After reading a few dire headlines today, it’s a relief to know people care and are reaching out to you. Take care of yourself and keep us posted when you can.

  8. DWB is a very special and loving community. I’m glad you are getting so much support.

  9. We have met the via the internet and sometimes in person, the nicest people thought DWB’s. We tell people if we are all nuts blogging about our dogs, then we are staying with the nutty people. Glad to hear you are eating, keeping you in our thoughts and hearts.

    Simba and Jazzi xx and the humans xxx

  10. Dear Lulu, Bogart and kitties,
    It is a tough time adjusting to your new normal, and we are glad to hear that friends are helping to feed you and give you hugs.

    Thinking of you and your family.

    Poppy and Julie Q

  11. In the beginning Mom was a bit embarrassed when people’s eyes glazed over and they told her to get a life when she mentioned that her dogs (us) had a blog. But then, as time went on and she saw, happening after happening — whether sad or happy — what good stuff our virtual friends were made of — she began to get embarrassed for people who didn’t get it. People who haven’t had the opportunity to think like a dog and express a world full of wonder and excitement and joy and lots and lots of love!!

    We’re glad you’ve received so much support from all over the world and a gift of food from around the corner. How is Bogie doing? Is he adjusting to the difference?

    Give him a scritch from us — and for you, hugs!!

    Jake and Just Harry and Joan

  12. Lulu,

    It’s so nice to read that people are looking out for you. If only everyone wasn’t so far away, we could take it in turns to look after you – and feed you!!

    I know they say time is a great heeler – really you don’t get over the loss just learn to live with it.

    Take care

    Liz , Alf n Mindy x

  13. Well, we’re not dogs, but we feel like we know you even though we’re cats. And we cry for your sadness just the same. We’re so glad everydog and bean and cat has been supporting you. It’s what we’re all about.
    The Hotties

  14. Dear Lulu,

    you couldn’t have put it better – these blogs are one part of our lives that most people will never understand, and mark us down as slightly crazy for having them – but they are missing out on something quite special. They go beyond just being ‘blogs’ and become a vehicle to meet lovely people, share happiness, funniness and grief. We have personally met up with many people around the world (yes, the world!) all because of the blogs – now that is pretty special. We are so glad that you have had this support at such a terrible dark time – and look, your blog generated FOOD too – how amazing! We know Klaus would have been so grateful to everybody for helping you out like that.

    But it is also a clear sign of how lovely you are and how amazing Bogart is that so many people are with you and supporting you and you must recognise that. People enjoy reading your blog, they feel a part of your life and they appreciate the way you and Bogart have brightened their day – so of course thyey are behind you now.

    Keep eating (do you need a cookery book??)!

    We are still thinking of you and with you in spirit – remember that if you feel lonely.

    Kate, Molly and Gertrude

  15. Dear Lulu, Bogie and the kitties,

    So many warm, loving, caring words, and thoughts, and wishes, and good deeds(!) are reaching you these days from all over the world, geographical and virtual. You deserve ALL of them and more. We join every single letter of support. Thank you, Lulu, so much for posting these days, your+Bogie’s blog is like a lifeline to so many of us, your virtual friends, checking it a few times a day for any signs … Yeah, if one told me about knowing and caring for a person or animal from the internet world, I would have laughed at him/her mercilessly … until I came across Bogart’s blog. You may not realize how dear you guys are to so many hearts out there!!!
    With all our love, healing wishes and lotsa scrratches to Bogie and the kitties,
    Always thinking of you,
    Andy’s mama and papa, and Andy’s Loving Spirit

  16. Dear Lulu & Bogie:

    You cannot imagine how much YOU have given us, by opening your lives and your souls to your friends around the world. We’ve learned a lot about grace and sadness and love and dignity. Strangely, you have profoundly affected the lives of hundreds of people who originally knew you only through words and pictures. You and Klaus and Bogie will always be in our hearts, and when we have to confront our own grief, we’ll remember the lesson that you taught us.

    And of course, Klaus is laughing with us right now.


    Persephone, Buster, & Bailey

    Victoria & John

  17. Hi Lulu–

    Its good to hear that you are eating! How nice of Charlie’s mom to bring you food! I know what you mean about telling people about the blogs. People act like I’m crazy when I tell them I have a blog for my cat. Even though I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months I have gotten to know some amazing people. People who actually care about each other and want to help one another. I hope that all the prayers from around the world have helped you find some sort of comfort in this terrible time. You are in the thoughts of so many.

    Love & Purrs,
    Jen (& Tuck)

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