My heart is broken.

My husband has passed away.

I love you Klaus, more than anything else in the entire world.


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141 thoughts on “My Love is Gone”

  1. Dear Lulu and Bogart~
    So, so sorry to hear of your loss..I feel I’ve gotten to know you over the past several weeks. May God Bless you and bring you comfort.
    Diane & Bailey

  2. Lulu,

    We are so sad to learn of your loss when so much hope was in the air. You’ve been so dear through this all — now we’ll be praying that you have even more strength for this time. We know Klaus will be with you forever — love like yours doesn’t die.

    Ginormous hugs to you and Bogie —

    Joan and the wirey ones.

  3. Oh Lulu and Bogart!

    We are trying to type this through our tears! It goes without saying that we are so very sorry about Klaus. We want you to know that there is so much love going out to you in the DWB community and if there were some way to take away your agony and pain we would. While we know that you are suffering we know that this pain is felt because of your deep and true love for Klaus. I promise you that while he has crossed the bridge, he IS with you. I hope that someday your tears of pain will subside and your fond memories will bring only warmth and smiles.

    We are thinking of you.
    Warm regards,
    Toffee & Toffee’s mom

  4. Our hearts hurt for you and your family. What a great love, you were blessed to find your soulmate. My prayers for you, I shed tears for your family today.

  5. Lulu and Bogart,
    Our hearts are heavy today with this news. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we are especially praying for strength for you and your entire family.

  6. Lulu,

    Our hearts go out to you. Though nothing can take away your pain, please know that people around the world are thinking about you and care about you and are hurting for you. Please take care.

    Pedro & Rachel

  7. Lulu,

    I’m devastated by this news. For some reason, I was sure Klaus would recover.

    Your devotion to each other is touching and inspiring. Your loving relationship is a model for couples (and families) everywhere.

    Your family at AiCAH cares deeply about you; on behalf of everyone here, please accept our deepest and most heartfelt condolencs.


  8. Dear Lulu and Bogart,

    Yours were the first videos we watched on Youtube of Bogart Handsome Devil cruising around town and we thought what a great family you were and how much love and fun there must have been between you all. We then followed your blog and updates in Klaus and we hoped and hoped he would pull through. We are now so saddened to hear that you have gone through such pain and that Klaus is gone, so very very sorry. I have thought about you an awful lot over the past few days and will continue to do so.

    Love Kate, Molly and Gertrude

  9. Lulu, Michael and i are so sorry for your incredible loss and the loss to all the rest of us for not having him around. I feel like I have no business trying to right this because i don’t have words that could express anywhere near anything to make you feel comforted. I just want you to know you are sooooo loved and so was Klaus. If you need anything, please let us know. ~Jenni & Michael

  10. We are so very sorry about Klaus. We had so hoped that he would pull through. You and Bogart and the cats are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you many purrs and soft comforting woofs.

  11. We are so very sorry to hear the sad news. No words can take away the pain, but please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Tuck & Jen

  12. Lulu–we are sorry for your loss. We are thinking of you and sending our love to you. Klaus will always be in our hearts because Klaus gave so much love to everyone.

    Josh, Susan, Ashley, Matthew & Noah

  13. Dear sweet Lulu, and Bogart, and the kitties,

    We are thinking of you, every moment. You are in our hearts. Wish we could wrap the wings of Light and Healing around you, to protect and nurture you through these unbearable times … Our endless Love to you!
    Andy’s mama and papa, and Andy’s Loving Airedale Spirit

  14. Oh LuLu and Bogart,

    There are no words to express our sorrow for you both. If we could help you bear this loss we would. Please know that we are thinking of you, sending love and aire-hugs across the states.

    Woofs, Wags, Purrs and Hugs,
    Georgie, Amanda (and the kitties)

  15. Dear Lulu,

    I am so so sorry. Please know that we are here for you and if you need anything, please just say the word. You are in my heart and I know Klaus will always be with you. Take care my friend.

    A great big hug,

    Sarah P.

  16. Lulu,
    I am so sad for your loss and you are very much in my thoughts. I met Klaus and Bogart last summer and they were a delightful pair! I wish you peace.
    Susan F/aipd

  17. We are so very sorry to hear about Klaus.
    We will keep you and your family in our prayers.
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia,Tillie & Mombean

  18. Lulu and Bogart,

    My deepest, deepest sympathies go out to you two. I’m so sorry for your loss. Although I never had the chance to meet Klaus, I was fully enamored by your stories you shared with me at lunchtime, Lulu.

    Sending all my love to you and Bogart!!


  19. Dear Lulu and Bogart, reading all from Austria – there are no words to express – how deeply sad we are – watching and reading the blog since a long time – wanted to get in touch with you and your husband and of course bogart; we are so sorry and sad about Klaus passing by.
    Crying – here in Vienna and thinking about you. We just like to hug you and bogart…
    We are thinking of you and we send all our love and thoughts and prayers for you and bogi.
    Love from Dani, Mike and Hugo from Vienna.

  20. Dear Lulu:

    How much joy you’ve given us with your whimsical Bogart blog, the photos, the videos. The Kirbster and I visit your site frequently and feel like you are almost an extended family member. (Kirby is an Airedale, too). I know how much you love your husband, and people are right — the photo is spectacular of you both. Your love shines through. I’m very sad for your loss and wish you the best. You and Klaus undoubtedly had an exceptional partnership and voyage together.

    Take good care, and we’re sending blessings from the Chicago area.


    Cheryl & Kirby (and family)

  21. Lulu,

    I am very sorry. I cannot imagine what you must be going through. I hope that you know that there are a lot of people that care about you.

    You, Klaus and Bogart will be in my thoughts.


  22. Lulu: My thoughts go out to you and Bogart. I really only barely met you at a Oregon Brew Crew meeting and the holiday party, but you and Klaus really brightened up the room with your spirits. Now I feel like I know you a little through your blog and seeing all the photos of Bogart, you and Klaus and my heart is overwhelmed with your loss. I hope you will take comfort in knowing all the many many people (and your dog fans too!) who are rooting for you, caring and wishing they can help. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all, and don’t hesitate to let us help you in any way we can.

  23. Dear Lulu,
    I am sooo very shocked and sorry to hear the news. I was really hoping that Klaus was on the route to recovery..
    I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that you are going through right now and my heart hurts for you. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Please know that somewhere far away in Singapore, you have a friend and 2 doggies thinking of you.

  24. Dear Lulu and Bogart,

    Words are such insufficient vessels at times like these. They cannot possibly hold all of the feelings and thoughts that we would like to express. Please know that we are holding you in our hearts at this extremely sad time.

    Much Love,

    Miss Kitty and Ann

  25. Lulu and Bogart,
    My deepest sympathies on the loss of your husband and dad. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now, but we’ll be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Teddy, T-man Angel and their mom

  26. Dear Lulu and Bogart,
    We were so sorry to hear about losing your precious fellow. Thank you for sharing his story with us, and we know your hearts must be broken.

    Sending you late summer hugs from New Zealand.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  27. We purr for you all. May Klaus be happy over in the Rainbow Lands, and caress you from time to time through the wind.

    Loup-Garou, Bean Sidhe, Hrimnir, Frankette, Freya and Isegrim
    and their Mistress

  28. I came here through Pedro’s site as I have chihuahuas too. I’m so terribly sorry to hear of such a devastating loss. I can’t even imagine how greatly you must be hurting. I will be thinking of you and Bogart.

  29. We are thinking of you today, Dear Lulu and Bogart, grieving your loss with you. Love and Hugs across the Miles.
    Taz, Giia, Kitty and Cat

  30. Let love bind your wounds. Please let us know some day that you and Bogart are OK.


  31. Oh no, we are so sorry. There are no words. Please know that our hearts hurt with you and for you and especially for poor Bogart. Sending much love, purrs & hugs,

    Finnegan Buddy Jasmine & Mom Nora

  32. I haven’t been around a lot lately but saw that you have lost your loved one. I don’t have words except that me and my Mom are thinking of you and sending you much love. Please keep blogging….it may help you through this tough time.

  33. Lulu,

    We are all very sad and sorry to hear that Klaus has died. We didn’t know until today ‘cos Mom lost the linkie.

    Please accept our deepest and most sincere condolances.

    Milo, Alfie and our MOM.

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