We have a LOT of angels here at the hospital where Klaus is.  Dedicated men and women who have taken excellent care of him, inside and out.

Everyone here knows all about Bogart – indeed, most of them have met him in person – and the nurses are the reason I could bring him here in the first place.  And then there is a particularly special nurse named Marge.  Marge was one of the first nurses to take care of Klaus, and she has taken very good care of me as well.  And look what she brought for me:

Yes, it is an adorable Airedale stuffie.  I fell asleep last night holding it.  It’s a little Bogart-stand-in for the times that he cannot be here.  And it’s so incredibly soft…

See?  This little Dale can relay all of the good doggie energy from all over the world, and channel it to Klaus.

Thank you Marge!!!



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10 thoughts on “The Official Airedale Stand In”

  1. w00f’s, yeaaaa, Marge…we iz happy to no our friends Bogie, Klaus and Lulu are in pawsome hands…how did u no, the most special thing she wood love??
    thinkin of u all..

    b safe,

  2. What a wonderful thing to do! We are happy that great nurses like Marge are taking care of Klaus and caring about you too. So wonderful that Bogart gets to come and visit too.

  3. So, now Daddy Klaus is under a 24hr-Aire-Watch??? We love it! Did Dr. Bogart approve? But of course he did! Looking forward to even speedier healing and more good news any moment now,

    With love to all 3 of you + Nurse Marge (Thank You, wonderful Nurse Angel!!!),
    Andy’s mama and papa

  4. Woof!
    Hullo Bogart!
    It’s meeh, Bogart the big black brother of Sweepy!
    I’m sorry if we were not able to visit sooner. One of the hoomans in our house got sick and everybody got busy shuttling from the hospital to our house Heaven. PLUS, our PC went crazy last January! KeeperLui, however, was able to help heal our sick hooman and now she’s out helping all the rest of our sick friends, including your Dad. All the HoundsInHeaven are crossing our paws, wagging our tails, and licking our drools, that all our healing prayers will soon send your Daddy home ASAP!

    Take Care,
    Sweepy and Sumo
    and all the HoundsInHeaven

  5. Just wanted to send a note to let you know that Titan and mom are still keeping you and Klaus in our prayers.
    Lets just keep the poop coming Klaus!

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