Ina and Jecke-Jule, two cool Dales in Germany, sent this song that their dad wrote and performed – it’s about Airedales!!! – for Klaus.  I played it for him this morning, it’s so great for him to hear something other than the beeping of all of the machines surrounding him.  Thank you!

Click here to hear the Airedale Song


Lulu & Bogart

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6 thoughts on “Song of the Airedale”

  1. Hi Bogart and Lulu,
    It must be my pooter ’cause I can’t link to the song but I bet it is very nice!
    I come back to check on your dad, wow, you’re becoming a professional therapeutic dog now.
    I see that your dad has too many leashes, no? medication lines attached to him. His hand is swollen, keep licking it Bogart or when you’re not there, elevated it on a pillow.
    My family keep praying for your dad to get well soon, your family will be together at home again so you don’t have to wait anxiously behind the window for them.
    Love you lots, ((((hugs))))

  2. Bogart, this is an awesome song! Even though we didn’t get a word of it, we KNOW it’s great, because it is about Airedales (Airedales are real cool peoples, right? 😉 We are looking forward to that day when your Daddy will translate and maybe even sing it for all of us, four- and two-legged ones, in English, with you backing up in Doggish, and your mama laughing out loud and happily at both of you.

    Till then, keep up your very important fuzzy therapy work (may you be blessed with plenty of burgers :lol:!!!). We are thinking of you, and your Daddy, and mama all the time, and hoping hard for that Miracle.

    Big hug and our love,
    Andy’s mama and papa

  3. We can tell that is a great song…even though we can’t understand a word! It HAS to be great if it’s about Airedales! Thanks for taking the time to stop by our bloggy!

    We are still thinking about you, constantly and praying for that miracle!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. I pretend I understand what they are singing- something about a dominating clown? Any song about fuzzy four paws is good in my books. Show your dad how easy it is to poop. He doesn’t even have to go outside! Keep licking healthy life into Klaus and mama.


    Sarah, Lily, Jim, Bonnie & AJ

  5. w00f’s, heehee me didnt understand it either, but if u, ur mom and dad did, thats whats matters…always on my mind…

    b safe,
    ~rocky n mama~

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