I am sure the dogs out there will understand the importance of this.

Today Klaus POOPED.  I am sure he will be mortified to read this someday.  Alas, I have the keyboard and he doesn’t, and I am certainly not doing it to embarrass him.  And I know I am amongst friends, fuzzy and furry ones who take pooping seriously.

First – the stink.  There were a lot of people in the room at the time.  I was going to mention something, but then I remembered the all-important maxim of “whoever smelt it dealt it” so I just looked around nervously.  I also thought I didn’t want to embarrass anyone else in case they were the deal-er.

But then when they turned Klaus over (his very least favorite thing), we discovered the source of the smell.  It came from deep within Klaus!  The excellent part of this is that pooping means his intestines are functioning.  Yeah for at least one organ system!  Now we just need for all of the rest to start working in tandem again.

It’s always great to, in the middle of lots of bad news, get a little good news.  Even when it smells funky.



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9 thoughts on “Everybody Poops”

  1. w00f’s, yeaaaaaa, me so happy…and yes mama says she nos the deal wiff poopin…very proud of u Klaus!!! keep giving us little miracles…always on my mind…

    b safe,
    ~rocky and mama~

  2. most poop is good poop! Glad to hear your Dad is slowly looking better. The ICU can be a scary place.

    Our airedale (Sophie) sends a big slobbery kiss as well.

  3. Yeaiiii! He did it!!!!! We are soooo smell-happy. Yes, it’s important and even more than that, and believe us, we know a thing or two about good poopies! Congratulations, and Klaus, keep on pooping, we are expecting more miracles to happen any moment now. Yes, You Can Do It!!!

    Andy’s mama and papa

    PS. Bogie, aren’t you proud of your Dad??? :mrgreen:

    Stinky Luv,
    Former Pooper ExtraordinAire, Andy The Airedale Angel

  4. Mom did marketing to get doctors to refer organ transplant patients to the hospital where she worked. She says this is HUGE, cuz even after a minor surgery the big thing that will get you closer to being let out of the crate, er, hospital is a good old poop! Just don’t eat it. I get in trouble for that every time. 😕

  5. Hi! We are friends of Asta’s. Since I just went through major spine surgery, I completely understand the importance of the FIRST POOP!!! WHOO HOO…..I’m positive that this is a sign that Klaus is getting better. Please know that lots of kitties are purring and praying for him…as are their slaves….aka owners. 🙂

    Please give Klaus our love!!!

    Deb and The Taylor CatSSSSS

  6. Yes, I am sure he will be mortified to read this post someday, but, like you said, poop is a good thing for all mammals! And that stuffed animal you got from Marge is too cute! Keep improving Klaus!

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