Please accept my apologies for no update yesterday – I think the sleep deprivation is catching up with me a bit.

Yesterday Klaus got an upgrade of sorts – we were moved to another room in the ICU.  The room we were in before was fine, but it did not have the facility necessary for the changes to Klaus’ dialysis, so the nurses came and got me to do a little room shopping.  There were 3 open rooms, and this one was a clear, easy choice.  It has a large window (our old room had a window, but it opened onto the inside of the hospital lobby) which is open to the outside, and much more space behind Klaus for me and my Barkalounger.

Hehe.  Barkalounger.

Luckily I can sleep almost anywhere – generally not for that long, but falling asleep has never been my problem.  Now I can fully extend Ol’ Barky, pull out my pillow and blanket, and last night was almost 5 hours.  I know that there is always the sounds of beeping and nurses entering and exiting while they tend to Klaus overnight, but I am generally blissfully unaware (Klaus has been kind enough to not have any loud, emergency needs while I have been sleeping so far).  The 5 AM xray wakeup call is getting a little old, though.

It is semi-surreal.  I have been basically “living” in the ICU now for over a week.  This is where I wake up, spend my days, and fall asleep.  I know almost all of the nurses and doctors (and love them all for everything they do for my husband).  Many of them stop by to say hello even when they are not assigned to work with Klaus.

Klaus’ family has been here from Austria this week and it has been wonderful.  Both for me and for Klaus.  I am sorry that they will have to leave soon, but I understand.  We all need to get back to our regular lives (I would do anything to go back before last Tuesday).  It seems that mine for the future will revolve around Klaus and the hospital which is a very good thing – in the sense that he is still with us, though still very critical.

I absolutely one zillion percent believe that having paws crossed around the world has already helped my husband do what every medical person here at the hospital thought sure he would not:  survive.  It is now 10 days.  We have so very, very far to go, but to have made it past this first hurdle (while I certainly think of it as the biggest one, I am sure that Klaus would disagree, complain, and say something like, “What, are you kidding me?”).

Bogart is still my faithful sentry, guarding the homestead and poking his fuzzy schnoz out of the vertical blinds each time I come home.  He has been an incredible source of strength and merriment in a time when I had none of either.  Thank you to the many people in Portland (especially you Charlie and your mama) who have offered to take care of him, walk him if need be.  Those little respites from the rigors of my days at the ICU (here I can once again hear Klaus interject something about his day being slightly more intense than my own – in a humorous way, of course) are something I truly treasure.  Yes, it is a pain in the arse to have to drive all of the way home twice a day.  Yes, there were days when I was driving bareknuckled and had our cell phones glued to my hands.  But having to do nothing other than come home and be showered with love by my Airedale welcoming committee (with the felines making up the Greek Chorus) and then forced to not roll in my grief but actually get out and walk has actually been very, very good for me.  I have been able to think some things through, and make some tough decisions.  Bogart offers no opinion, doesn’t ask me any medical questions that I am still trying to figure out myself, he just poops.  And smiles.  And grabs any passing pine cone.



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24 thoughts on “Sawing Wood”

  1. Fanks fur tha update. We’s still sending loud rumbly purrs fur you and Daddy Klaus. And fur Bogart.
    And we’s so happy to hear Daddy Klaus got upgraded. Or him’s room did. Or sumfing like that… anyways, it be good noos.
    Love & Lotsa Purrs,

  2. Awwwwwh, if Bogart runs out of pinecones, we have tons of them in our yard, heheheh. It’s nice you got a better room. Maybe you’ll get even more sleep in a few more days. You could try wearing some earplugs at night, then maybe you wouldn’t hear the beeping, etc. We hope Klaus shows some improvement today!! Keeping our prayers going strong.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Mama

  3. Lulu, we’re praying for your strength as well as healing for Klaus. Thank you Bogie and kitties for taking care of mama Lulu and crossing your paws for Daddy Klaus. Please know all of your friends at the art institute are here to do whatever you need and we’re all sending our strength to you.

    We’re so glad to hear that Klaus is making improvements. We continue to channel positive energy, good and healing thoughts and hope for the best.

    Love from Allena and the ai portland crew

  4. We’re still praying for you Lulu, Klaus and Bogie! You’re doing a remarkable job considering the circumstances.

    The FleasGang

  5. Thanks for the update and we are with you every step of the way. My own father has been in the hospital twice for heart problems, one planned, the other NOT, and that was the scariest time of my life, but he did pull through. I know exactly what you are feeling and how hunger doesn’t even set in b/c your body is not thinking about food, it is thinking of your loved one. You seem to be doing as best you can and we are purring here on our end for Klaus to get better real soon; take it day by day…

  6. MomLulu – we are still purraying and purring furry furry hard for you and DadKlaus. We really really really hope that he turns a corner soon. We are holding you closely in our hearts.

  7. We are glad you are hanging in there, Lulu! At least with the new room, you will be able to see outside. We know this is a horrible time for you and we are praying, our hardest, that Klaus will be able to go home very soon! Give Bogart a hug from us and take care of yourself!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  8. Dogs are just about the most perfect companion… except, maybe, for partners. 😉 We’re happy to hear about Klaus’ upgrade — he (and you) will be able to connect to something beyond that room. And, of course, all our healing zen will get in that much easier.

    Klaus – hang in there; spring is just about to burst in Portland & you do NOT want to miss it! Lulu – hang in there, too, and the offer stands — with Bogie, the Greek chorus (yes, we speak Cat), or whatever.

    – Anne & Charlie

  9. A room upgrade! Tell Klaus congratulations, and we hope the next move is to one with a hot tub! And maybe more interesting food service items.

    paws crossed

  10. We are so happy to hear that Klaus is holding his own and that Bogie is being a good nurse to both you and Klaus. We are keeping you in our thoughts.


    Miss Kitty and the Two-Legged One

  11. Lots of furry love, hugs, kisses and cheers for the good news room update!! Love you to pieces darlin.

  12. Thank you for the update. We are thinking about you all and sending the Airezen constantly. Neko’s Mom had to leave the office to cry in private yesterday while thinking about how scary this must be for your family. Our bodies are amazing machines and miracles happen all the time. We are with you in spirit. Love,The Neko Family

  13. Hi Lulu,
    Our mom wants us to tell you she is in awe at your strength and faith. You are a strong woman and we are sure the love you have for Klaus will keep you going. There’ll be times where you feel drained, and this is where your dear Bogie-boy comes in and cheers you up with his fuzzy face!
    We are real happy to hear that Klaus is holding his own and hopefully, he’d be on his road to recovery shortly.
    As usual, we will continue to send over more healing vibes.

    From 8 crossed paws,
    Huskee and Hershey

  14. A black feral kitty came out of the woods today and sang a little opera on our doorsteps, and this, mind you, is not happening often here … He sang for Klaus’s health, he praised Lulu’s strength, and in a nod to Bogie’s exceptional input he finished on a very high note. We hope you guys heard! 😆
    We here join the efforts and cheering of all the purring and pawing peoples and their people, and Thanking you, mama Lulu, for sharing the update with us.
    Big smooch to Bogie. Sending our love to all 3 and healing wishes to Daddy Klaus, as always.
    Andy’s mama and papa

  15. Mom Lulu,
    We’re still here – me and Mommy and the kits – sending the best Aire-thoughts, hugs and purrayers. I know for a fact that Airedales are the best medicine, when my Granddaddy was going through his transplant and stuck in the hospital, knowing that his Aire-girls were waiting on him made him want to get better as fast as possible to get home! We’re sure that Dad Klaus feels the same way.
    Woofs and Wags (and hugs and purrs too),
    Georgie, Mommy and Pearl, Bert and Jake

  16. Hi Lulu,
    Thanks for sharing those updates. I am really happy to hear that Klaus is over the first hurdle and that he is in a better room now. Still sending positive vibes and keeping my paws crossed!
    Love Clover xo

  17. Lulu & Family,
    Thank you somuch for keeping us updated. I am glad for at least a holding steady in this situation. Still praying for the miracle and I have lots of prayer partners around the world joining me in an amazing prayer chorus. We are flooding the gates of heaven with pettions on your behalf. Please know that you are in my thoughts daily. It was great to see your face.

    Love and Prayers,

  18. We went and explored some of Bogart’s short airetention span movies and felt all the closer to your family!!! We’re keeping our positive thoughts flowing and are happy you have a room with a view and a companion (Bogie) with a perpetual smile!!!

    Wirey woofs, wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry — and Joan

  19. I’m happy to hear that you and Klaus were able to move to a nicer room. Hopefully everything will continue to improve (maybe the room is just a sign of good things to come) and soon you both will be able to go home and get back to Bogart. My mom and I are keeping you all in our thoughts.

    Send you lots of purrs…

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