Thanks Huskee & Hershey!

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9 thoughts on “Letters to Klaus”

  1. What a wonderfulest ever card! We are thinking of Klaus today and hoping he is doing wellest! We are thinking of you tooest Bogie and your Mama LuLu!


    Putter and Kate …

  2. My dear young fuzzy AireBro Bogie,

    As you probably know I no longer have my earthly image ever since I moved to a spirit world, but I want you to know that just like you, and your mama, and Dad helped my mama to come out of her desperate grief after letting me go almost a year ago, just the same I will always be there for the 3 of you, watching over you from my doggie heaven. I am sorry I can’t send a cute card for your Daddy, and to cheer up your sweet mama, but I will always have an endless supply of Love that I am happily sending over to your family. Lots of healing Aire-spirit to your Dad!!!

    Andy The Airedale Angel

  3. Hey Bogart & Lulu,
    We’re hoping today was a good day for Klaus. Thinking of you.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

  4. Hi guys,
    Coming by to send you more healing vibes and wishes….
    Hope that Klaus is having a good day!


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