Aw Janie, you’re so sweet!  With that gorgeous beard, I know Bogart would love you too!

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4 thoughts on “Letters to Klaus”

  1. Lulu, I’ve been away from dog blog world for so long but had to pop back over and say how much my thoughts are with you all. Such incredibly tough time for you to endure, and I hope with all my heart that Klaus makes a speedy and full recovery and that the three of you can be back to normal life as soon as possible.
    big love from us all here, and a hairy hug from Mojo too.

  2. We have been following your story, and today we read back on the recent posts. We so hope Klaus gets better soon. We think that Bogart is a great help by visiting and licking his daddy’s hand. We would want to do the same if it was our daddy.

    We want to send you ALL some inner strength, and healing thoughts, and our love and purrs – and say: stay strong. It will work out alright – we are sure of that.

    Especial love to Bogie – ‘cos we think he must be missing his Daddy extra specially.

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